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  1. Akakabuto

    Rumors Thread

    No, it's Clown World. *Honk* *Honk*
  2. So we know that the habs are willing to give up atleast two 1st, one 2nd and one 3rd in a trade(deal done with Point)? Assuming that the offersheet was in the range of 8,5 to 10,5 mil. Don't see us competing with that.
  3. https://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog/Eklund/Brayden-Point-could-be-movedDetroit-Montreal-and/1/100537 I know it's Eklund but I'm bored.
  4. Akakabuto

    News From Around the NHL

    So Buffalo is begging other teams to take Risto but want a Mantha-caliber player in return? Lol
  5. Akakabuto

    Rumors Thread

    Sure doesn’t seem that they were that close after all. I wonder if it’s about term or money. Trouba wanting a short term contract, say a 3 or 4-year deal, and hitting UFA on the right side of 30 maybe? Would be consistent with his actions in Winnipeg.
  6. Akakabuto

    Lufty Signed - 3 Yr ELC

    I read that as Luffy. Moritz D Luffy.
  7. That’s all I’m saying. Though I disagree with the part of the impact being very minimal. Anyway, my point was that drafting wasn’t our only problem back then. For a long period of time we didn’t get to see almost any of our prospects reaching their projected ceilings or even floors.
  8. C’mon, it’s pretty evident that he like his players a certain way. It’s defense first. And second. I’m not saying he ruined any of those players careers but playing for Babs is a tough deal and I do believe one or two of them could have reach a higher ceiling playing for, let’s say, Boudreau. The rumblings about Babcocks preferences and player usage started a long time in Toronto too.
  9. Akakabuto

    News From Around the NHL

    Wouldn’t that be refreshing.
  10. I never was a Babcock hater but a couple of those guys showed promise and I have to wonder if he wasn’t trying to make players into something they were not. You have to let young players play to their strength and at the same time try to trim the deficiencies down. Imagine if they wouldn’t have let Yzerman be the type of offensive player he was when he was young. Let the kids be the kind of players they are and when they are mature enough you mold them to the players you need them to be.
  11. Akakabuto

    2020 Tank

    Do we have a slogan for this yet? Any suggestions? Mine: ”Ericsson-Daley 1st pair for Lafraniere”
  12. Akakabuto

    Nicknames for the Noobs

    Most of the clips from Sweden are of Djurgården. They suck balls and most of my co-workers are fans of them, Fun fact; they are called monkeys because the club was founded on an island in Stockholm which is most famous for having a zoo. The guys with the pyrotechnics(flashing lights) are the fans of the team I root for in swedish hockey(AIK). I live a ten minute walk from the arena and watch a couple of games every year. Djurgården are AIK's biggest rivals and both clubs were founded in 1891. AIK being the older club(important!). The games between these clubs are called Tvillingderbyt - the twin derby.
  13. Akakabuto

    2019 Draft

    Just came to my attention that Marc Bergevin drafted a overaged russian player this year who would have been a UFA after the draft. The man knows what he wants.
  14. Akakabuto

    Nicknames for the Noobs

    The Red Wings Sieg Heil>The Vikings Skol