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  1. Athanasiou Rumor

    I haven't been following too close, and I don't want to go through 27 pages, but what is AA asking for? Dude's only played 101 games in the NHL, he has to be realistic. Holland, if you like him or not, isn't a GM who low balls.
  2. Met a Couple Red Wings Family Members

    I had a good laugh with the discussion about asking her out. If I asked her out, her live in boyfriend wouldn't like it.
  3. Athanasiou Rumor

    I was called a moron for posting this on Facebook, but that McDavid contract has increased the value of all young RFA's. AA is comparing himself to McDavid now, and is being unrealistic. Soon the highest paid players in the league are going to be in their early 20's. This McDavid contract is going to lead to another lockout. The owners will want a cap on RFA contracts next.
  4. Met a Couple Red Wings Family Members

    Chastise away, despite looking like her dad, she's a looker.
  5. Met a Couple Red Wings Family Members

    Happy to share with people I know who'll appreciate it. Thanks for the feedback.
  6. Hey everyone, just wanted to share I've had a fun summer Red Wings related. Today I met Budd Lynch's nephew. I have a Life Insurance License, every year to keep the license valid, we need to earn credits. I earn credit by attending a day of teaching at a conference center, and the teaching includes a free lunch. Today at lunch, one of my coworkers and I had Lynch's nephew come up to us and ask if he could sit with us, because he didn't know anyone. We do the typical intros, "Nice to meet you", and small talk. There was a TV in the lunch room, and it had sports on. They were showing the Leafs training camp, so I said, "I'm not a fan, but I think the Leafs are going to have a good year". Lynch's nephew agreed, and said he not a Leafs fan either. I said, "I'm a Wings fan", and he said he is too. I told him, "I have family in Windsor, so I grew up going to Tigers and Wings games". Lynch's nephew said, "My Uncle worked with the Red Wings. He did different jobs, then play-by-play, and was the PA Announcer." My jaw dropped and I said, "Wait a minute, your Uncle is Budd Lynch?". Anyway, it was a fun conversation talking about Budd, Ted Lindsay, Gordie, Joe Louis Arena, the current Red Wings team, and more. I asked Budd's nephew when Budd started play-by-play (I forgot off hand), when he said 1949 I went, "He saw it all! That's when everything started". Add to that, in July I met Bob Probert's oldest daughter, she works at a restaurant owned by family on my Uncle's side. We were sitting down waiting to order, and my Aunt goes, "Oh, Probert's daughter works here, there she is over there". I said, "Really? I want to ask her about her Dad then, but how could I bring it up?". My Aunt says, "I'll ask her how the Bikers Fundraiser went, then you can say something". Anyway, my Aunt asks Probert's daughter about the fundraiser, so I said, "Yeah, my Aunt says you work here. I can see the family resemblance" (she does look like her dad). I added, "I remember your Dad, he was a great player. I remember when him and Joey Kocur where the 'Bruise Brothers'". Probie's daughter said, "Oh Joey Kocur, he's so nice". Leaving I said to her, "I'm going to brag to my friends I met one of Probert's daughters. Maybe you get that a lot?" She said, "Sometimes". Cool huh?
  7. Tatar Re-Signs 4 Years $21.2M ($5.3M AAV)

    Yeah, I don't know why we'd want to trade Tatar anyway. The NTC isn't an issue with him. Good more for both sides. $5.3 Million/year is the going rate for a 45-50 point guy.
  8. 1995-96 was a shock, but 2002-03 was even more shocking. I'm sure we all thought a Cup in 2003 was in the bag.
  9. Get Ready for McDavid Hype Machine

    I was thinking about the McDavid contract, all this contract does is lead to another lockout. I can't believe the Oilers agreed to it. Contracts for young stars are now going to skyrocket! Just watch, the next CBA, the owners are going to lockout the players so they can have a cap on RFA's.
  10. The problem... Shoot the DAMN PUCK!

    I haven't looked into Tippett, so I can't comment on him, but I like Rasmussen too. One thing that stood out to me was he was 3rd in the fitness tests. I think that's a big deal, it means Rasmussen works hard.
  11. Ken Holland "We protected our best goaltender"

    Howard last year was better then Mrazek. Like the move or not, it worked out.
  12. The problem... Shoot the DAMN PUCK!

    Not to sound sarcastic or start an argument, but who was the best shooter in the draft? Tippett?
  13. Ken Holland contract extension watch

    I could see Devellano retiring, and Holland taking over his job. Yeah, I agree, I don't see Yzerman being the Wings GM. Why risk ruining your reputation in Detroit.
  14. Get Ready for McDavid Hype Machine

    I'm all about making money, but what are they going to have to pay Draisaitl when it's his turn to cash in?
  15. Smith vs. Daley

    I'd rather have Smith over Daley, but there's nothing we can do about that now. Plus Smith was traded for draft picks, it's not like they were traded for each other.