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  1. So all complaining aside, what does his path look like? Is he in Grand Rapids next year and for how long?
  2. If its so close you have to use a stop watch....its not a late hit. And his elbow was most certainly down. What you saw was the follow through which wasn't even high.
  3. As a referee of 15 years, this hit is completely clean. What is a penalty is the check from behind/boarding play that is clear as day. I also don't even think this hit was in retaliation. It wasn't the player that hit him, and he didn't chase after this player - it was just a natural place for Datsyuk to be. Why its clean: Doesn't leave feet or take more than a stride to deliver the check + elbows down + no head contact. Since the close up of the hit doesn't display the head area, that could be the only thing that I wuld be mistaken, but it doesn't look like head contact to me.
  4. Because this years draft reportedly sucks......It's actually pretty easy logic to follow. Ya! Let's trade assets for draft picks that are projected to be s*** so we can delay the rebuild process!
  5. If Florida makes the playoffs, the 3rd rd pick becomes Arizona's pick that Florida got earlier. So we need to root for FLA to make the playoffs!
  6. I'm curious to see what year the draft pick is in. I was very hopeful that Holland had the foresight to stockpile draft picks for the following draft which it seems that he has done with the 2nd Rd for Smith and 6th Rd for Ott....really hope its a 3rd round for 2018 as well. Then hopefully Florida tanks in 2018 for an even better pick!
  7. Wow no kidding. I can't believe I didn't know this. I was always a bit curious about the trade....can you recall back then how a 1st round was justified for Quincey? I'm not much of a hater but always thought that was a gross overpayment especially since we lost him not long before for nothing.
  8. Wait, I'm confused by what you mean. What shady moves are you talking about? Didn't we give a 1st round pick to the Avs for Quincey??? If i'm correct, they are probably still laughing about it and jesus, now they owe us a favor or two right?
  9. Didn't we trade a 2nd rd pick + Eaves + Jarnkrok for Legwand? And our aspirations were just to MAKE the playoffs. Certainly a team trying to win the cup would trade a 1st for Green, right? I mean, it's tough finding good Dmen out there. Just ask Detroit fans....
  10. Do you live in Toronto and would also like to be my friend? I guess it's also important to know if you have thrown money away because you like to immerse yourself in emotional pain and despair.
  11. Does anyone know how one would go about getting tickets to the outdoors game January 1st in Toronto?
  12. I saw the hit live and I turned to my friend and said "well there's a 5 minute major for you guys."
  13. gdt

    I'll be going tonight! Row 1 level 300. I'll pass along everyone's concerns to the players.