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    Yes, I would agree with all that you said.

    Are people around here seriously dense enough that they can't recognize a facetious comment? There was never an argument for Datsyuk being top 10 in scoring. The point was, if you set your expectations too high, his return would be a failure. But if the question is, are we a better team with Datsyuk on the roster than not -- the answer would be a simple yes.
  3. Castaway (How former Wings are doing)

    I'm more of a Bill Ranford guy!

    Back when I used to post on these boards more frequently - Jagr was just deciding to come back from the KHL. I was a huge advocate of the Wings going after him and I was attacked by nearly everyone with basically the same arguments I'm hearing about Datsyuk. Could Datsyuk come back and be in the top 10 for scoring? Probably not. Would he make this team better? Absolutely! However....I'm sure this is only a fun thing to dream about and no where near a possibility. In any case - who knows about how his last contract works? I know we traded it to Phoenix so do they own his rights if he's ever cleared to play here again or has it expired?
  5. Athanasiou Signed 1 year $1.4 mil

    Wait, deadline for what? The season to start, or is there an actual hard deadline to sign your RFA's?
  6. Which player(s) would you trade?

    What is Nielsen's NTC? Is it partial, full, partial after so many years?
  7. Quick access to the latest Wings news.

    Nice! I'll be a frequent visitor.
  8. Leafs waive Marchenko Agent says he hopes to make a return to the NHL but until then we will have to put our Cup aspirations on hold
  9. Leafs waive Marchenko

    I don't often post on these boards but can admit that I sometimes ascribe to the camp of "Couldn't we have gotten at least a 6th rounder before losing player "x" to waivers". But as they continue to play out I realize more and more than this isn't EA Sports.....
  10. Off-season moves

    Took a lot of years of less than mediocre hockey, playoff disappointment, and lost free agents to make a surprising run to the Stanley Cup Finals with no proof of return to get to where they are currently at. Good for them to finally bring out the check book to extend their current core - but I don't think they are the franchise I'm hoping we model ourselves after.
  11. Ken Holland contract extension watch

    In my mind I was locked and loaded about to reply in this thread how we need to bring Yzerman in at all cost and how every member here needs to do their part by sending him a fruit basket. ....until I read your post and I was like s***....that's a really good point. Now what do I do??
  12. Sometimes people act as if Holland just didn't think of signing a 2 year it just wasn't on his mind. Likely, Daley's camp told him in order to make the deal happen, you have to make it 3 years or we are going to a different team. Any signing on the first day of FA isn't going to be 100% advantageous to your hockey team.
  13. 2nd Annual Draft Revisit Thread (2012)

    I really like the idea of this thread. I hope you keep doing it next year!
  14. 2017 Draft

    So all complaining aside, what does his path look like? Is he in Grand Rapids next year and for how long?
  15. 2017 KHL playoffs

    If its so close you have to use a stop watch....its not a late hit. And his elbow was most certainly down. What you saw was the follow through which wasn't even high.