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The Secret

Who was/is your all time favourite goalie?

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Patrick Roy: Despite being an avs, I always enjoyed watching him play (except when it was vs the wings)

Then Curtis Joseph (too bad he didn't had a good run with Detroit) and Brodeur

I actually thought CuJo was fantastic in Detroit. He did not deserve the treatment he got. Having a team that wasn't scoring and a few soft untimely goals made it look worse. Plus wasn't that during the Dave Lewis reign? Man I hated Dave Lewis as a Coach! Poor Cujo, if ever a player I wanted to come to Detroit and win a cup he would have been one of the top for me! CuJo was and is a star!

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Osgood for favorite. Has been since he came into the league. Yes, I know that makes me a homer.



Mike Richter

Eddie the Eagle




Ryan Miller

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Ozzie has always been my favorite, he's proven clutch throughout his career and even his failings have done more to endear him to me and I think its true with a lot of fans. There are the goaltenders who are just plain sick good, and then there are the rare players who aren't perfect but they make you want to pull for them. I think this is rarest with goaltenders because when they aren't perfect, they draw the wrath of the fan heavily. Ozzie grew up with the Wings and we as fans have gotten to see so many highs and a few lows.

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