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Heroes of Hockeytown

Brian Campbell Appreciation Thread

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What was BC's +/- rating for today's game?

We all know a negative score in golf means your having a good game...

A team worst -3 :lol:

How's that for yapping your big mouth about dirty hits (pot calling the kettle black).

And the Hawks are stuck with him for years - noone else will be stupid enough to trade for that contract.

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He's probably the biggest defensive liability for a big name big salary player since Coffey. I've said since everyone went nuts last year when he was available at the deadline, I think he's tied with Phaneuf for being the most overrated player in the NHL. I'm highly amused at the fear other teams are supposed to have facing either of them.

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Campbell has been awful - I still think he is a better player than what we've seen in this series but definitely not worth more than 4-5M a year.

Chicago has about 20 million in cap space next year with Havlat, Pahlsson and Walker as UFA's. Bolland, Brouwer, Eager, Vertseeg and Fraser are all RFA's.

They are going to have a hard time signing any veterans to anything more than 1 year deals because Kane, Toews and Ladd are going to be RFA's the following season.

My heart goes out to them... :rolleyes:

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