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1/18 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Penguins 4

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Kunitz will slew-foot Franzen

Cooke will sucker-punch Kronwall from behind

Letang will jump Hudler

you forgot talbot. he'll spear McDonald.

keys to the game: shutdown staal, sane referees;

wings win by 2 goals.

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I think Lidstrom's +/- this year shows that it isn't always even useful for that

unless anyone seriously thinks Lidstrom is the worst even strength defenseman on the team(excluding Kindl since he wasn't a regular when Stuart was healthy)?

+/- is most useful when it's very high, or very low. But it is a very fickle stat.

It's one of those ones that you point to if it's good or bad, but when it's neutral it doesn't really mean a great deal. Lidstrom is proof of that this year.

Some defenseman will play top line, but also play on the PK. These defense usually have lower +/- because they're not just out with the top lines. Double shifting can really kill a Defenseman as well, as sometimes they're out there with goal scoring lines, and sometimes they're out there trying to keep the puck out of their own zone, and Lidstrom double shifts a lot. Well usually he does time and a half, often playing with one line, and then staying out for a while with the next line.

I bet if I did a game by game breakdown of goals for with Lidstrom out there, and goals against with Lidstrom out there, the story would tell more than the numbers do.

It is still strange for Lidstrom to be even on his +/-, after having such a solid offensive season, and winning most games. *Shrug*.

I use to look at +/- a lot more, but sometimes I just see huge inconsistencies in it.

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