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If there was ever an article that shouldn't be written...

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Red Wings have rare luxury for this season: More than enough healthy players

ANAHEIM, Calif. — The healthier Detroit Red Wings have a luxury they haven’t experienced in a while: Too many players and not enough spots in the lineup.

One forward will sit out tonight’s game in Anaheim, when the Red Wings look to extend their six-game road winning streak. Soon, two healthy forwards could be scratched each game.


Now there's an article that's asking for trouble... :ph34r: Especially as it goes on to say

"Big forward Brad Winchester (6-foot-5, 230) will make his Ducks debut tonight."

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I feel bad for Miller cause he didn't get to play against his brother, yeah that sucks.

But C'Mon Khan!!!!! Really?!?! You have to write this at this point in the season?!?! :ranting: :ranting: We are getting healthy and he is going to ruin that mojo with this horrible piece of journalism. If any key player gets hurt in the next week, I personally will lead the assault team to Khan's front door step. God help him if someone gets hurt...

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Yeah, this tends to make a u-turn and nails us....

Good example:

"such player has not scored in 3 years."

"such player scored 2 goals and 2 assists in the Win against Detroit, roll the highlight reel."

I see this so often. I remember when Sykora said he would get the game winning goal a few years back in the Finals during that tie, I knew it was all over, and then he went and scored.

It usually works out that way, whoever the announcers point out during a broadcast usually ends up having a good game.

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