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1/21: Red Wings 4 at Blue Jackets 3 (SO)

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Yeah I know, because his screen on the first goal, and assist on the second one didn't factor in at all. You don't have to like the guy, but your absurd dislike for him is become obnoxious. You can't even give him credit when he clearly deserves it. Would you have preferred he didn't screen the goal or draw the defense and make the pass on the second one?

Yes, I prefer he not be in a Red Wings sweater....he did not screen anyone on the first goal, he was jockying for position and just happened to be there. The only thing that in front of the goalie was his skate. The second goal, my gramma could have made that pass...

As much as my dislike for him may be obnoxious in your mind (and just because you say its absurd, that is your opinion,) your constant defending of him and putting him on a pedestal is equally obnoxious....Face it, Franzen is horrible and was a mistake...

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