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2/2 GDT : Red Wings 2 at Blue Jackets 4

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Well, he's proved more deserving. Howard hasn't been bad, but we need him to be a thief and steal games and points. Instead, he gives up two questionable goals and now we're in a hole.

Part of me says he needs to be more consistent, but part of me realizes he's not paid like a star. It's like expecting Filppula to put up 80 points. He is what he is.

I understand, but these superstar goalies you are thinking of struggle when their team struggles too. Hence why Lundqvist, Kiprusoff etc are not having great years either.

Howard is our best option until we develop an elite goalie. The few goalies that can remain elite behind an awful defensive club are rare, and most likely not going to be let go by the said team.

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Would be cool if our bottom 6 could ever score a goal.

Damn we need Helm, bad.

We shouldn't be that reliable on him, especially since he's not a goal scorer himself.

Those guys have all scored in the past, but they just look bad now. Time to hit up the minors I think.

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Ha. Brunner isn't here on a $50 million deal. Other than Zetterberg, no one is burying their chances better.

BTW, what's Van Persie up to this season? ;)

Yeah I know, it was tounge in cheek and more in regards of today's game than the season in general ;)

I shall not respond to the BTW.

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