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  1. This team from top down flat out sucks. Its been going downhill ever since lidstrom left and management just cant accept it. Tonight is no different. They look unprepared and unmotovated.
  2. Lots of players say that and then leave though. The islanders have an awful arena, in an inconvenient location and have lost a lot of key players. I see tavaras leaving.
  3. Where has it been said that tavaras never wants to leave the islanders?
  4. Thats one of the better games ive seen a goalie play while still not having a great game. I mean he made over 40 saves so he obviously played good and for a while kept us in the game. But man does his rebound control need a lot of work. And he should have stopped that ot goal. At the end of the day we lose largely because of coaching. Why is sheahan playing in ot? What th frick is with dekeyser playing? He flat out sucks offensively. Id legit think ericsson is better offensively. A good coach would know what players to put out.
  5. Well going to OT so looks like AA and mantha will be sitting on the bench. Lets hope we dont get another 2 min zetty shift.
  6. This coaching staff just challenges about any goal. They have some of the dumbest challenges. I mean obviously that was going to be a goal.
  7. Another rebound.
  8. Ozzie always says dumb things lol. The guy defends ericsson for crying out loud.
  9. Im not blaming coreau but he does need to work on his rebounds. Our defense is terrible though. If only kenny would get off his rear end and make a trade.
  10. Coreau has horrible rebound control. And our pk had 2 chances to get the puck out and failed both times. Grr coaching.
  11. Typical blasill start to a game. Uninspired, bad giveaways, losing every battle, no shots. If only we had a decent coach. Love how AA gets our goal... The guy blashill the idiot barely plays for no reason. He will probably be benched for that.
  12. He always does that in OT. It takes a coach who knows what he is doing to put an end to that. That would have never flied under babs. Blashill is a horrible coach period.
  13. Painful loss. Dekeyser sucks. He is just not good enough for the ice time he gets. He has zero offense ability. He literally has no idea what to do in the offense zone and ends up just making a stupid play. Im not sure why he always starts in OT. Im not sure why AA doesnt ever get out there. Blashill is just so stupid. If we had s decent coach we win this game. This is another example of a game we should have won and didnt. There have been at least 5 others. I hate this coaching staff for refusing to make changes on the pp and who to use in ot. The only changes they do make is goalie changes even when they play well.
  14. Cant believe mrazek isnt starting. Shows you what an idiot blashill is. Mrazek is the only reason we got 3 of the past 4 points. Blashill even said mrazek was excellent last game so its ridiculous that he doesnt just roll with him while he keeps playing well. I wish president trump would just kick blashill out of the country since god knows kenny will never do anything.
  15. And what has he done since then? Been horribly inconsistent, on a consistent basis. When he actually is playing well he manages to get injured. Howards days are done with the red wings. No way does the team keep howard and lose one of coreau or mrazek.