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  1. wings_fanatic

    Howard = Average

    Not with howard in net.
  2. wings_fanatic

    Rumors Thread

    Funny how kenny is willing to retain salary to trade mrazek snd yet a couple seasons ago when howard was awful holland refused to retain salary to trade him. I hate how bias the red wings managament has been with howard.
  3. wings_fanatic

    11/30 GDT - Canadiens @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM EST

    I think after losing 6 games it could warrent starting our 2nd goalie for once, maybe change things up? I get howard has played good this year but mrazek hasnt been bad in most of his starts and blashill plays him once every 3 weeks.
  4. wings_fanatic

    Mrazek "Maturing, could bounce back like Howard"

    Howard also chokes most games in the playoffs. He had 2 good playoffs series thats it.
  5. I get your argument, but we had the best coach in hockey and even he was barely getting us in the playoffs. Then we lost our best player and our other guys aged. Ken Holland is more to blame than anyone. Blashill isnt good but he did not get any help from kenny.
  6. wings_fanatic

    Howard 2017 Starting Netminder

    I am a huge mrazek supporter and im not surprised. But if mrazek comes back to his potential then they will end up splitting games in which case i see them sticking with mrazek if they were to make playoffs. Its not long ago mrazek was named starter and look how fast that changed.
  7. wings_fanatic

    2017 Stanley Cup Finals: Nashville Predators vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

    Preds were controlling the game until officials took over. The goal being overturned was ridiculous. Theres no way they had a clear enough angle to determine to change their call. The offside review is so inconsistent that there is no point in having it. Either have it be reviewed by one guy in toronto or no review at all. We cant continue to have all these different people making judgements becasue they all have different views, which is a huge problem. On top of that, when is there ever 2 guys who get a penalty in the same shift to make it a 5 on 3 in the finals? And the cherry on top was crosby getting away with such obvious interference right before their first goal. Just disgraceful. I stopped watching. With any luck i check the score later to see a comeback.
  8. wings_fanatic

    2017 ECSF Washington Caps vs. Pittsburgh Pens

    And they have to do that now while he still has a huge amount of value.
  9. wings_fanatic

    2017 ECSF Washington Caps vs. Pittsburgh Pens

    I would totally move ovie this summer. He was absolutely invisible tonight. What a poor effort their team showed in that 3rd period. This group of players will never win a cup for the caps because ovie cant get it done. I would trade him now and get a good return
  10. wings_fanatic

    2017 ECSF New York Rangers vs. Ottawa Senators

    Whenever the wings are out i cheer for the rangers because king henrik has been my favorite goalie for years. Sadly i think his window to win a cup in ny has closed but i could see him going somewhere like dom did to try to win a cup at some point. He is still a very good goalie. I mean he just out dueled price. AV lost this series in part like how blashill would have...playing the wrong players at the wrong time. In game 2 in the dying minute he had marc stall on the ice and he messes up and the sens tie the game. Game 5, same thing. Kind of reminds me of blashill coaching. Which is odd because AV is usually very good and i like him but he was no doubt out coached in this series.
  11. wings_fanatic

    2017 ECSF New York Rangers vs. Ottawa Senators

    Me thinks that king henrik and his rangers are VERY good in home ice elimination games so me thinks this is going to game 7.
  12. wings_fanatic

    2017 ECSF Washington Caps vs. Pittsburgh Pens

    Caps deserved game 1. Holtby needs to be better. Typical refs for a Penguins game though... They got away with LOTS and the home team did not get a single pp.
  13. wings_fanatic

    Playoff Format Needs to be Changed

    And even more ridiculous is the sens and rangers. Rangers have more points and yet sens get home ice advantage... What a joke!
  14. wings_fanatic


    Maybe kenny will bring him and radulov in since they are buddies. Wouldnt mind that for short term- 2 or 3 years at most. You have to imagine the new arena could lure him. It would definitely make the red wings more competitive and would add size that we lack.
  15. wings_fanatic

    2017 ECQF: New York Rangers vs. Canadiens de Montréal

    Its a joke the stuff weber gets away with. 20 seconds to go in a game or not, if there is a clear penalty then the refs need to call it. That cross check non call led to montreal being able to tie the game. Just ridiculous. I really hope the rangers get the W in ot.