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2/23 GDT : Nashville Predators 0 at Red Wings 4

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What is the protocol for blacking out games on Gamecenter? Is this game blacked out everywhere?

If it's on a non local channel it's blacked out. NBC, NHLN, NBCSN, or whatever. If it's nationally televised it's blacked out.

Guess I didn't read your question. If you get a VPN out of country I think you can stream it just fine.

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Why can't we ever play GOOD after getting the lead??? Just keep going, score more goals...

Kronwall looks bad, Zetterberg seems to be struggling a bit, Datsyuk just seems tired of playing with Bad and Useless..

I really hope we can pull out a win.

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Great period by Jimmy... he has accepted the challenge and has been proving me wrong about needing a breather for tonight. Keep it up Howie!

Pavel looks great again tonight. Even Cleary and Abs look okay, but Hank looks like he is struggling. He is making uncharacteristic passes right to the other team, and is slower than usual. I think it is time Babcock ends the Brunner/ Hank relationship and gives Pavel a linemate that can score goals. I would go this route:

Brunner- Datsyuk- Cleary (If I had my way Cleary would not be playing, but lets be real we all know Babcock will continue to play him on the top 6 for some reason. At least he is playing decent with Pavs I would not want to put him with Hank who looks like he is struggling a bit). This would give Pavs a legitimate guy to pass the puck to and score some goals.

Filpulla- Zetterberg- Tatar (Abdelkator is just not cut out for top 6, Tatar has been impressive and could help generate chances for this line).

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