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3/3 GDT : Blackhawks 2 at Red Wings 1 (SO)

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So, so far pretty entertaining despite the shot discrepancy...

A few things that have annoyed me:

Crowd at the Joe acting like uninformed jackasses? Yes...Boo Hossa? Uh, he wanted to stay here, he said he'd take a discount, your GM chose Franzen over him...no need to boo, but go ahead, entertain yourelf while looking like baffoons...

Uh, Jimmy is making some nice stops but he STILL CANNOT CONTROL A REBOUND! It's gonna bite him soon!

If I were Dastyuk, I would leave now. I like Abby, but he doesn't belong on that line. Cleary doesn't belong period. Datsyuk has nobody to help him on that line....Do something about it Babcock.

Only thing I have to say about Franzine is he needs to bury that shot from the Brunner pass. He needs to be aggressive on the puck and he wasn't. He seems to be playing in his lazy mode today...

We are lucky we aren't losing yet....let's hope for a bit of puck luck soon!

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I've said it the past few game and it's still true- Abby is doing well at playing the net front role.

yes he is. no he isn't a guy that is going to score a bunch of goals. But he skates well, hits, and works hard. The second unit of Smith, Kindl, Tatar, Abby and the donkey looked good. Lots of shots and lots of traffic. If we had a true power forward or 3 on this team, we would be much much better.

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I'm sorry, but I won't stop complaining about Abby and Cleary until one or both of them are off Pavel's line (and the PP).

It's costing us offensive zone play, Datsyuk magic, points...

Who plays the net front role better on that second PP than Abby?

I like how the Chicago player jumping between the benches negates the too many men penalty.

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