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Wings Make Offer to Danny D!

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Ok enough of this stupid Crosby/Bettman b.s. please. Doesn't anyone remember Crosby being one of the most outspoken critics of Bettman during the lockout? They're both idiots, but this absurd conspiracy theory that somehow the league has a preference for the Penguins is getting annoying.

Also, this is a thread about Dekeyser, not Bettman and Crosby. This is every bit as annoying as people bringing up how Franzen is a floater in each and every single thread on this site.

Crosby's marketable and the NHL is a business, get over it. Or at the very least be creative with it instead of pandering to the lowest common denominator.

Well that's like your opinion man....

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Looks like unless there is a mistake Danny is going to be a Red Wing.

I wrote the Red Wings-Sharks wrap-up from 1-5. Finally got to sleep at 6:30. Woke up around 9. Have been enjoing the watch for Danny DeKeyser since then (and posting the Wings beat writers' stories about Filppula and Colaiacovo, NHL.com's Hedger's interviews with Holland and Bill Roose's chat with Michael Shanks ahead of Gordie Howe's 85th birthday celebration on Sunday), and have been watching Red Bird III's flight path on Flightaware for such a long time that I'm practically ready to make airplane noises.

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