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Ten Games in: Player Grades

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#21 b.shanafan14


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Posted 23 October 2013 - 05:03 PM

But at the end of the season, he's going to have 27 or so goals like always.


Fixed, Franzen is a bum. :)

#22 Richdg



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Posted 23 October 2013 - 07:48 PM

It's time to get over the whole heart and effort bit with Franzen.  Like Fedorov and others, Franzen looks like a world beater one night and is invisible the next.  Always been that way, always will be that way.  But at the end of the season, he's going to have 30 or so goals like always.  Move on to something else.

Nope. he has scored 30 or more goals one time in his now 10 year career. he 82 game average is about 26/27 goals. of course he doesn't play 82 games in a year.

#23 lomekian


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Posted 24 October 2013 - 10:54 PM

A view from the Uk from one addicted enough to watch almost every minute by hook or by crook....only some minor differences.



Justin Abdelkader: B+ : He lacks the touch, instincts or strength on his skates to be a point scorer, but every line he's played on has looked marginally better with him than without him. His hitting seems to have become more consistent, and his passing has improved.


Daniel Alfredsson: B: The class and smarts are super evident, and he has really had an impact on the PP, but the flesh is not always as willing as the spirit, and he still trying to work out how best to integrate with his team-mates. Needs to shoot more. May be worth another shot with D & Z, because if he can get open......


Joakim Andersson: B. Faceoffs and defensive play are Andersson’s roles, and he has improved a bit on both. Skating and finishing still needs work and he needs legs around him to maximise his strengths, - like a few on this team. Unless Helm comes back 100% and Glendenning kicks on massively, he looks a solid 4th line fixture. 


Todd Bertuzzi: B-. Still too many dumb penalties. Seems even slower than before. Close in finishing skills keep people honest, but ideally he'd be the goal threat on a 3rd line with a great skater and a bona fida hitter. Still capable of very very smart plays near the net, but needs to be with the right personnel. 


Daniel Cleary: D. Just occasionally he does something really smart or really gutsy to remind you of the player he was 4-6 years ago. But the legs seem to have gone, and unlike Bert, he has no idea how to play without them. He's now basically a plug and play 13th forward in all honesty, and re-signing him currently looks as odd as we all thought. Another who would REALLY benefit if Helm comes back and can still fly.


Datsyuk: A. still the magic man, on a team increasingly reliant on that magic, and still SO GOOD defensively, but has looked a little worn out at having to carry so many around him at times already. Still him and Z are so far above the rest up front, its slightly embarrassing. 


Danny DeKeyser: A. In danger of being 3rd d-man already, and if we could clone him our D would be so much better situated. Kind of the opposite of Smith. Less raw talent, far more knowledge of how to use it. His level of calm for one of his experience is remarkable. You just feel kind of safer when he's on ice. Another 15 years in Detroit please young man. 


Patrick Eaves: N/A. Before the concussion looked a probable long term 3rd/4th liner here, but every chance we may not see him play for Detroit again. Who knows though....


Cory Emmerton: C-.Just not quite good enough at anything to really be worth it at the big club. A decent enough plug with seemingly a good attitude, but unless he somehow blows people away at the AHL, this will be his last year in Detroit. 


Jonathan Ericsson: A-. The faith some of us held has largely been rewarded. Probably still more accurately a no3 than a no2, but much like DD, you feel safer with him around. Always slightly surprised how good his first pass is.


Johan Franzen: C+ The bane of many on here, he's never going to change. Will end up with 25 goals and 50 points, including a real tear at some point, while still pissing everyone off. From the games i've seen, he doesn't have a clue how to play with Weiss, and is only starting to get his head around Alfie. Looked a little invigorated with abdelkader joined him. But his 5 shift spurts of being almost unstoppable and his fair salary makes me think a buy out is unlikely. Again, needs more speed around him. 


Luke Glendening: B. Will need the time he has on his side, both for the bottom 6 logjam to clear, and also to continue getting quicker, stronger and slightly more threatening offensively. But the fact he pretty much ended Emmerton's long term Detroit career after 2 games tells you how noticeable his energy and PK impact were. Not to the same extent, but like DD, just seems an instinctively good decision maker.


Jonas Gustavsson: B++. Brilliant then awful then Brilliant again, topped off with an Ok cherry. Disconcerting to see such a big guy Hasek-ing in net, but looks a decent bet at back-up this year, and is the kind of 'tender who might hit a hot streak when called upon, but you always worry about the potential soft goals. 


Darren Helm: N/A. If he can come back and stay fit, and get back up to SPEEEEEEEEEED, his skating and general dynamism could make SUCH a difference to the team and a number of players on it. 


Jimmy Howard: A-. Solid as ever, without being quite in the top top echelons. Has had some really bad luck on goals against this year (deflections,O.G's, bad bounces etc). 


Jakub Kindl: B. Pretty Solid - still could be a bit braver against aggressive forechecking - but has picked up from where last year's improvement left off. Can be trusted most of the time, but needs to either justify more PK time or create a bit more offensively to be a long term important piece. I think everyone's happy enough with him without being that excited.


Niklas Kronwall: A. Continuing his increased responsibility levels and by far our best D offensively, he still feels a little more like a no2 than a no1, especially at times in his own end, but is clearly our most important component after the twins and Howie. 


Brian Lashoff: B. A 7th D who sometimes looks like a 6, he's been a little better than last year, and has relaxed into playing within his limitations. Absolute ceiling as a 5th D, but is now ready to be used in exactly the way he has been. A ship steadier on the bottom pairing, and with a small salary and limited trade value, likely to stick around for this year at least. 


Drew Miller: C. Mostly excellent on the PK, and still solid defensively, but when you have less points than Emmerton in 3 times as many games, you need to contribute more. Has had chances too. The ill-advised fight was just a bit odd. Part of the bottom 6 malaise without being bad. 


Xavier Ouellet: N/A. Looked every inch the future NHL-er, but a swallow doesn't make a summer. Impressive poise. 


Kyle Quincey: C. Him and Smith bring out the worst in each other. At times Quincey has been pretty good, and another who has done pretty well on the PK, but still the most likely apart from Smith to miss an asignment or fumble the puck, or fail to clear the zone. If he had been the 4th rounder he was we'd be pretty happy with him, but the trade and his salary are an ugly albatross. Also you suspect, much like first time round, he'd be a better fit on a different team. His +/- is a little harsh on him, but only a little. 


Mikael Samuelsson: D. Babs seems to have cut him out, and he didn't really show enough in his 4 games to argue with that. 4 games, 3 shots, 1 goal, +/- of 0 and 8.57 ATOI isn't so bad, but he was floating like Franzen but without the inherent threat to back it up. Could improve as the season goes on, as he showed he's still reasonably solid defensively, but we all want him gone and he probably knows it. 


Brendan Smith: C-. Opposite of DD. Lots of lovely glimpses and at times looks the part, but a total lack of calm mean there have been more horror moments. Really needs to cut the bad pinches out ASAP, and somehow find some calmness on the puck, and probably engage more physically. Really, him and KQ go together like Water and Sezium. You can do it, but I'm not sure its terribly wise other than as an interesting experiment. Continues to threaten progress, but yet to achieve it. Desperately needs some calmness alongside him to help him lose the jitters. 


Tomas Tatar: N/A. Invariably looks like he will make something happen, and at least drives to the net, unlike so many others. Still a little small, and positionally a little suspect, but great work-rate and points look like they will come. 3rd line or higher please. 


Jordin Tootoo: B- Still not always the best positionally, but has cut out the bad penalties for the moment, has had a few chances, and stops us nodding off when the 4th line are on the forecheck. If he was half the salary or in a team that played more his style, no-one would question his value. But for $1.9m, he's just not worth it to the wings. I just hope when he is traded, he goes back out West.....


Stephen Weiss: D+ Pretty responsible, and seems to have the right instincts (and is not frightened to go to dirty areas), but is slower and worse on the puck than I remember him. Has been massively out-performed by Fil so far in terms of points, and is appearing to offer less than out-of-sorts Fil last year. More worryingly for me, he hasn't shown much to indicate we'll see a whole lot more from him any time soon, as he's pretty much had no chemistry with anyone he's been put with. The season is of course young, but he's been a massive disappointment for me, particularly with his passing 


Henrik Zetterberg: A.Looking better than for all but a few stretches last year, and is still suitably symbiotic with Dats. Again occasionally looking a little drained, and regardless of the example he is setting, his leadership is being affected by the paucity of the team around him.


Bottom line for me is, we'll probably still make the playoffs again, but even with Helm hopefully returning, next year needs to see Tootoo, Sammy, Clearly, Bert (unless at 500-750k) and one of Eaves or Miller to leave, as not only do they not offer enough to justify their salary levels, but also their overall lack of impact is depressing. Quincey will probably leave too. Weiss has it all to prove, and Smith needs to settle down as we go along. This year will be pretty similar to last for me.

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