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11/9 GDT: Lightning 3 @ Red Wings 2 (OT)

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It may not have seemed like it, but that was an absolutely godawful period. We didn't do a single thing right, except score a goal off a gift-wrapped turnover. We're not playing our possession game. We have no structure. We're not making tape-to-tape passes. We're not establishing a heavy forecheck, or, really, any kind of sustained pressure at all. We are an ungodly mess in the neutral zone, and our own zone, turning the puck over at very nearly every single opportunity.

There is arguably not a single team in the league playing as poorly as we've been playing.

I would like to defend this team from this post but...I can't and you're absolutely right on all counts.

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This team is simply a disorganized mess. What a sad, pathetic showing. Too many nights like this one.

Yeah, and they are 1pt out of 1st, in the conference!!!! This is what kills me about this site. What you want to be up by 4 goals right now???? They are a DAMN good team, sorry they're not perfect.

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