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1/16 GDT : Red Wings 0 at Rangers 1

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i would rather have quincey on the PP than sammy

i would rather have anyone on the PP than cleary

you put nyquist and Z out there with sammy and cleary and expect a goal? i expect a turnover and playing defense

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Jurco - Z - Nyqust

Kronwall - Smith

Very simple Babcock. Your best players play with the best players on the PP. Basically neutralizing 2 PP units by playing Cleary and Sammy on one.

2nd unit doesn't even need Cleary or Sammy.



Tuzzi only for the Homer role, though not nearly as good and Eaves for the RH shot cause Sammy is useless. He used to actually put something on his shot, now he just flicks it. Brutal.

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Babs was probably so excited he sewed it on himself.


Jurco looks like the real deal. Between Tatar, Nyquist, Andersson, Sheahan and Jurco I believe we can stand with losing some of them in a trade

Yes, we can trade Andersson and keep the rest.

Lose andersson n sheahan.

Keep jurco/nyquist/tatar

Have you watched Sheahan play this year? He's a great 200 foot player that is big, hits, is gritty and can chip in with offence and is really good on the PK. He's a bottom 6 guy that you keep for sure.

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