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1/26 GDT: Panthers 5 @ Red Wings 4 (SO)

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My GameCenter cuts out and dies and we score. You're welcome. Again.

Can't believe I missed a Sheahan PP goal. Grrrr.

I'll describe it to you. He got the puck, winked at Thomas and went between the pillows. It was AWESOME! We have a net front presence on the PP, his name is Tinky Winky!

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My favorite young Wing. Totally official now.

Lookin' sharp, Ozzie.

I like numerous. They all bring their own element that I like.

Sheahan is big, can hit, skates like the wind and forechecks like a hungry animal.

Tatar has swagger. He can score and make plays and he gets Datsyuk highlight reel goals.

Nyquist is fast as hell. He's scoring again and is a really good playmaker and has 200 foot Z like qualities.

Jurco can dangle, he's big and has a dangerous shot. He may draw comparisons to Hossa when he fully hits his NHL stride and cleans up his D game a bit.

Smith found his mojo again. He's been even better than DeKeyser lately cause he's been making the right play almost every time and he's been jumping in the O-zone for some fun and making good reads to do so.

DeKeyser's been a little jumpy lately since his injury, but he's steady, makes a great first pass and can play heavy minutes.

Then there's Mr. Glendening. Speedy, gritty as hell and once he finds his offensive touch in the NHL, he's gonna be peskier than Maltby, whom he shares quite a few qualities with.

Mrazek….what can I say? He's damn good. Confident kid who can make big saves and has great positioning and very good rebound control. Howie better keep an eye in the rear view mirror.

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It's really nice watching the young guys play Sheahan is bringing something to the table this team has been lacking for far too long. The guy has great size and will only continue to fill out his frame one of my favourite young Wings already.

I also love the way the Monster is playing so calm and just making the needed saves, no shut them down in the third :)

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