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Trade deadline fast approaching - who should we target?

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If you're okay with years of what we are seeing this season fine. As I said there are two options, you are debating against one of them.

Holland either needs to make at least 2 trades to address the two biggest holes on this team (top 6 winger and #2-#3 RH D-man) or he has to go into full rebuild. Either way, this 'rebuild on the fly' is not a tenable solution as I keep saying.

The chances of Holland making the trades that you suggested is very slim.

I'm expecting what others have said; do nuthin today - wait until July 1st UFA - overpay for average talent (not many wanting to come to Detroit, and not much will be available) - and end up keeping some 'dead weight' around.

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Ya think so, huh? So why are they trading all these guys who don't like Torts instead of firing him.

I have no clue Gillis is known for "his" moves but seriously Kesler is their best player right now if he tells Gillis enough..than well he better not create another Luongo situation. The best thing for this franchise would do to clean house at the front office stuff.

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Really surprised we made no moves on D. HOWEVER.

Arguably, the best D-man to be moved was MacDonald and the price of a 2nd (2015) 3rd (2014) and F prospect is pretty steep for a rental.

None of the D-men moved today, are better than calling up a prospect from Grand Rapids and cost us nothing. No picks. Conditional or otherwise.

No prospects.

So, I'm fine with that. It's not as if Edler or Ehrhoff was moved anywhere else and we once again... "missed out."

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