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2/8 GDT : Red Wings 2 at Lightning 4

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Quincey did well on the PK. I did get a chuckle out of his shank and slip on the one shot he took from the point.

As long as Quincey and Smith aren't paired it's better for both of them. The big knock on Quincey, imho, is that he isn't nearly the offensive dman he was supposed to be in many people's eyes, and is decent defensively, but when he does make a mistake it usually gets buried in the back of the Wings' net.

Bishop looks really shaky

He definitely isn't dialed in like he has been most of the season, but I'd feel much better if the Wings were able to take advantage of that and score a few before he got it locked in. Edited by TheXym

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Is there ever going to be a time when this *doesn't* happen?

Edit: :lol:

I'm not even gonna erase this--it was supposed to be a text, but I got so excited about the goal I posted here instead lolololol

Edited by BottleOfSmoke

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I'll take that for a first period on the road. The kid line has looked good, hopefully they get a couple tonight. Howard showed up, Alfie buried one, and Pavel has the magic hands working. PK stood tall quite nicely as well.

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