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3/6 GDT: Avs 3 at Red Wings 2 (OT) Sorry Nick.

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I doubt any d-man we ever get will quite live up to what Lidstrom was able to do; the fact that our D has gotten so much worse since he left is a testament to how integral he was to making us not suck(that and Holland's inability to lessen the sting of his departure by finding an even 1/2-way decent replacement, but I digress...)

Nick is without a doubt one the best ever to play his position

Now Let's Go Wings!!

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Giguere is garbage nowadays, but of course he's having a strong start against us.

I hope thats not the case, but too early to tell yet. We've only had 6 shots, and they haven't really been quality shots.

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Frank Frederickson, Duke Keats, Gord Fraser, Bill Brydge, Bob Connors, Ebbie Goodfellow, Pete Bessone, John Doran, Jim Orlando, Buck Jones, Eddie Bush, Doug McCaig, Clarence Behling, Hal Jackson, Pat Egan, Bill “Flash” Hollett, Hugh Millar, Al Dewsbury, Leo Reise, Ben Woit, Warren Godfrey, Al Arbour, Rich Healey, Doug Barkley, John Misuk, Bob Wall, Doug Harvey, Bob Falkenberg, Bert Marshall, Kent Douglas, Carl Brewer, Serje Lajeunesse, Marcel Dionne, Jean Hamel, Greg Smith, Darren Veitch, John Mokosak, Dean Morton, Peter Dineen, Chris McRae and Rick Green.

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