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Maple Leafs 2 @ Red Wings 3

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Thanks, Gord, you can still make me smile despite the circumstances. Tootoo looks hot. LOL~ Last game I said really all I wanted was a good effort and no one else to get hurt. That last part.. never mind. We cannot get through a game with injury it seems. :confused:

Still hoping for the best out there, especially since Mule has thrown down the gauntlet. ;) Go, Wings!!

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Smitty wearing a white (forward) jersey at practice. Ferraro practicing, Abby not skating, Bert is.

Lines so far:



Bottom 6: any combo of

Miller Glend Pulkinnen Bert Ferraro Smith Emdog

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Hard to expect much of anything with that lineup, let alone a serious push into the playoffs.

Need a big night from Franzen and Nyquist. Goals are hard to find, so another scoring tear from one or both would be huge.

I really miss Henrik Zetterberg. I feel like just his presence alone would drastically alter our opinions of reaching the playoffs.

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Good lord this lineup is laughable. Who would've thought at the beginning of the season we could be playing a 3rd and 4th line of



That is... atrocious. I would like to see Smith play wing tonight. Just for fun, because really how much worse can it get? Maybe Mantha's team will crap the bed in the playoffs and we can get him in for a few games of experience before the season is over.

Ferraro will be the 7th Griffin to make his NHL debut this season according to the Wings website.

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Smith playing LW and Abby out for two weeks with a laceration. Wtf. The hockey gods are making us pay for the playoff streak. We must've struck a deal with the devil many many years ago.

I'd say screw the playoffs and bring up the kids but the kids are already up! Lol.

If we win tonight or even tie it will be nothing short of a miracle. REALLY need Franzen/Nyq/Tatar to step up tonight. Grab the bull by the horns and just hang on as long as you can boys.

EDIT: If Bert can't go tonight our 4th line will most likely be...

Smith-Emmerton-Ferraro. :scared:

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