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2015 SCF : Chicago Blackhawks vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

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Classic example of a team that knows how to win and one learning how to win. You can't sit on a 1-0 lead against Chicago.

This is gonna be a quick series. The Hawks are too good.

It's only 1 game I never would have guessed the wings Tampa series going 7 after they steamrolled the wings 5-1 in game 2.

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The Chicago Blackhawks of the last few years will go down in NHL history as the best team ever at winning games in which they were dramatically and consistently outplayed. It's so infuriating.

They certainly know how to pull wins in the clutch. Lets be fair tho Tampa only outplayed them in the first then had like no chances the rest of the way.

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The guy was skating off as the bolts were entering the zone, it was really obvious.

Can't tell if you are disagreeing or agreeing. But if you are disagreeing, the Hawk dropped off bench took a stride onto the ice, saw his guy wasn't allowed to get off ice because TB was entering zone, the same guy got back to the wall and hopped back over.

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