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Vegas Off Ice Trouble Watch

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Tinky Winky!

3 hours ago, BinMucker94 said:

They are going to end up changing the team name to the Vegas Coke Monsters midway through the season

lol, las Vegas Regrets

55 minutes ago, F.Michael said:

'Sin City Prostitutes' was my suggestion for a team name...

this could be their Journey


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I'm sure our fine, upstanding boys will have no desire to do anything that would sully the reputation of our great game or of the league, or cause any embarrassment to their parents or spouses or bring shame upon their family names.

Except maybe a few....


If this was a few years back, I'd go with Kane, but he seems to have settled down.  Probably be some young kid.

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1 hour ago, KATIEBARTHEDOOR24 said:

It was meant in no disrespect to Heff. It's just a funny pic of Tatar on the topic of Vegas. 

No worries, I didn't think it was disrespectful. Sorry if it seemed like I was saying that. I do think Tatar was dressed up as Hefner and from what I've seen, the man definitely liked the character he created and I do think he'd like people dressing up as him. He'd probably see it as an honour and fine way to be remembered.

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