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12/23 Christmas Eve Eve GDT - Red Wings @ Maple Leafs - 7:30 PM ET

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Just now, MabusIncarnate said:

This is starting to look more like how I thought this game would go. We are short a lot of players to be standing against a team like this.

And they are playing their backup goalie. But so are the Wings.

Just now, Dabura said:

We need a Festivus Miracle!

Get the pole!!!

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3 minutes ago, Dabura said:

End of 2nd. Tied at 3.

Honestly? I've got no complaints. Wings have played much better than anyone could've realistically expected.

That being said... a win sure would be a nice Christmas gift. :colgate:

Agreed!  They can do this... Santa just need to bring Gus a danged goal... he has been a good boy, and he needs one!  Or two...

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