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1/2 Basement McBasementface GDT - Flames @ Red Wings - 7:00 PM ET

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2 minutes ago, Dabura said:


some will say he should not go, 'cause he's so 'bad' this year.  No.  He isn't.  He doesn't have a hell of a lot to work with.  SV% puts him in the top 10.  GAA not so much -- but the All Star Sham is not actually a game, as much as a shooting gallery for the poor goalies.  have fun, Jimmy, and do not get hurt.

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Just now, ChristopherReevesLegs said:

Alright dweebs, I was gone but now I'm not gone anymore

State of the team?

I see Hronek is in the lineup. Is this recent? Is he good.

I'm gonna get fricken hammered tonight LGW

Welcome back, loser.

State of the team is total free fall, except for Larkin, who's on a 14-game point streak.

Hronek had an awful game in Dallas a few nights ago. Overall he's looked ok, nothing special. Cholowski's looked overwhelmed lately.

Helm's back. Mantha should be back soon. Daley's out with a broken foot. Dunno about DeKeyser or Green.

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