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6/21 Choose Your Fighter GDT - 2019 NHL Entry Draft 1st Round - 8:00 PM EST

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2 minutes ago, derblaueClaus said:

Vancouver Croud does not disappoint.

1 minute ago, xault said:

I don't know.. maybe I am just getting older, but the booing getting old as well.

I'd forgotten Vancouver even has an NHL franchise, so this is all pretty crazy for me right now. Lots of emotions.


Damn, son. They called Bettman's bluff. He thought they wouldn't boo with the Sedins on stage. He was wrong.

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Hahahaha everyone booing betman and he goes "okay Vancouver, hold on. I think I've got something to change the mood." goes back stage and brings out the Sedins and the crowd goes wild. 

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