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Goalies work on most parts of their game throughout their career.  It's why each team has a goaltending coach. 


There's actually a pretty interesting article about how Dubnyk changed the way he tracks the puck and it changed his game.  




Alright, that sounds awesome.


But seeing has how the 31 year old Howie still has trouble learning the skill of puck-handling, I'm not too optimistic in his ablitity to overhaul/adjust to this system on the fly (if he were in fact to try and learn it, that is)


And of course they work on thing during their career. I remember playing baseball when I was like 11. I wasn't bad to start the year, but after a while I just had the hardest time even making contact with the ball. That threw my confidence down the drain, so every time I went up I already knew I was going to strike out (sure enough, I did!).


Then finally towards the end of the season, whoever's dad that was 'coaching' 3rd base came over to me mid at-bat. "Hey Nate," he says "I just noticed you're taking your eyes off the ball before it even gets to the plate. Make sure to watch the ball all the way to the bat." And I did. And I at least made contact with the ball during that at bat.


All that said, I was 11. Not a professional baseball player who couldn't hit or throw the ball to 1st to save my life. But hey, if Howie works on it and it gets him going, he could be a good player for someone else!

In Topic: Petr Mrazek is the #1

Today, 03:37 PM


 Howard said his groin – an injury to it forced him to miss most of January – has not been bothering him, and he said his poor performance is not a confidence issue, either.


“After going over the video tape and talking with goalie coach Jim Bedard, it’s just following the puck with my eyes,” Howard said. “I think it’s just that simple. I think with a goalie, if you’re not following a puck to the best of your abilities and you’re behind that split-second, it can mean the difference. It’s key, especially with, you get big bodies in front, you’ve got to focus on that puck,” Howard added later. “You can’t  lose sight of it. Pucks are going to go in in the NHL, we all know that. It’s just about brushing it off and trying to make that next save for the guys.”


There it is!  6 year veteran just has to work on...his tracking of the puck!!

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Today, 12:14 PM

If a rookie is the only hope a team has more than just a few problems. Guys like Hammond are the exception not the normMaybe a closed door meeting or a few days completely of are going to help

Again, it was just a Star Wars joke

In Topic: 3/26 GDT: Sharks 6 at Red Wings 4

Today, 11:53 AM

I know. Star Wars man...

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Today, 11:33 AM

Happy 31st Birthday James Howard!!!


Prediction: Howard moves either slighty towards losing the starting job or slightly towards keeping it. Or somewhere in between.


I really didn't think he was going to move so much one way.


Help us Petr Mrazek, you're our only hope!