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Nicklas Lidstrom co-authors scientific paper in Sweden

21 May 2015 - 06:47 PM


New theories on game intelligence could change the world of team sports forever. Game intelligence is not necessarily something you are born with but something you can learn, according to the authors of the article "Game Intelligence in Team Sports". Co-author and former NHL player Nicklas Lidström embodies the evidence.

Through the use of mathematical statistics, individual players and teams can learn to prioritize during games to change the outcome. They can calculate how to act in given situations and, hence, improve their results - regardless of their physical capabilities.


Lidström - perhaps the greatest defence player the world of ice hockey has ever seen - has long been known to have that "extra something" that makes him stand out in comparison to others. Excellent players like him are often praised for how well they read the game. However, in their article "Game Intelligence in Team Sports", Lindberg and Lennartsson try to show that it's not just genes that made Lidström great - but statistics. And the living ice hockey legend agrees.


Lidström confirms that as an active player he always tried to position himself so the odds would be in his favour. He consistently analysed the situations as they occurred during a game, learning when to dribble, when to engage, and when to sit put.


So Lidstrom wasn't actually an author of the paper, but his part in the research was so valuable that they gave him like an honorary authorship.


Here's two articles:




And here's the actual paper:


Babcock: Petr Mrazek is starting Game 1

13 April 2015 - 11:25 AM

Apparently Mrazek is practicing in the starter's net.




It's official:



NHL Player Tracking System

24 January 2015 - 10:21 PM

This has all the familiar symptoms of a similarly bad idea that has been ridiculed for years.






Sportsvision, the company behind real-time tracking and graphics in NASCAR and the NFL, embedded chips inside pucks and players’ jerseys that can measure quantitative data, puck and skating speed, puck trajectory, puck and player location, and ice time.......On TV, it allows for real-time identification of players – think NASCAR, with the colored arrows pointing to the drivers – as well as real-time stats that can include skating speed, shot speed and ice time. The "casual fan" can tune in and see if Alex Ovechkin is on the ice, his real-time stats and his skating speed. 




Although I don't hate the idea of this...


With laser sensors on the puck, couldn’t it aid the NHL’s hockey operations team in determining if a puck actually crossed the goal line?

In fact, it might. 

“That was brought up. Something we looked at. From our standpoint, it can be an aid for the referees,” Adams said. “For shots on goal, there’s an official definition: Will it have gone in if not for the goalie? Well, we know where the puck is, we know how far away the goal is. And there are things we can automate, like if the puck was deflected by a stick above the crossbar.”