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In Topic: Wings sign Zengerle

Today, 10:06 AM

These AHL signings are nice depth, especially when Holland dinks around and loses his players with no exemptions to waivers.  Someone has to take those spots in GR.  We've signed 4 new guys for GR and will probably lose Aubry, Callahan, Nestrasil, Ferraro, Fournier, Parkes, Coetzee, and Emmerton.  Almqvist already bolted to Europe.  All these guys are UFA's or RFA's or already signed, but have to pass waivers in order to stay in GR.


Already lost Emmerton.  He's off to HC Sochi in the KHL.  Personally, I'm not convinced that Callahan and/or Ferraro will be snapped up on waivers if they have to be put through.

In Topic: Wings sign Zengerle

Today, 09:07 AM

Feels like this thread really should be titled "Griffins sign Zengerle" given that this is an AHL signing only.  Just feels to me that saying the Wings signed him implies incorrectly that he's on the 50 man roster, which he's not.

In Topic: 'District Detroit': Red Wings' New Arena Details Released

Yesterday, 01:12 PM

How about "The Kicking Tires Arena" 




It will actually be the Belle Tire Kicking Arena.   


Yes, it absolutely will be corporate named.  Too many $$$s at stake with that.

In Topic: Dekeyser/Tatar status update

21 July 2014 - 01:34 PM

...after the #KFQ signing I doubt the Wings would want to afford another $4M+ a year defenseman.  I think Diesel can be had for $2.5M to $3.5M on a two to three year bridge contract.  He will still be an RFA after that and can then get a nice fat contract that will bring him into UFA territory.  His next contract, if all progresses then way we all hope it does, will be in the $5M to more range.  I just don't think he should get a $4M+ contract right now.  I don't know why #KFQ got that much, but he is most definitely NOT worth that even on the open market and at this moment Diesel is not quite to Kronwall status on this team.  I say two years $2.75 per and then the next RFA signing will be his big one...then I dread the UFA days to come.


I don't think Tatar should get more the $1.5M.  IF he turns that down and opts for arbitration and handcuffs Holland, I will be putting him the Hudler category.


Yeah, that's not gonna happen.  The deadline to file for arbitration was back on July 5.

In Topic: Wings re-sign Cleary $1.5 mill + $1mill in game bonuses

11 July 2014 - 01:24 PM


I haven't heard solid confirmation, though someone mentioned earlier that you could only do a bonus structure on a one-way deal.  Not sure if that's true or not either.  


The fact that they haven't come out and said it's a two-way deal kinda makes me think it's a one way.  Holland has to know what the reaction would be if he released all at once that he re-signed Cleary to a one-way deal for potentially $2.5 million.


It's not entirely true.  Bonuses may be applied to:


  • Entry level contracts
  • For players who have played at least 400 NHL games who were injured for at least 100 calendar days the previous season.  The contract may only be for 1 year though.
  • 35+ contract again with the 1 year limit

There are no conditions locking out bonuses on 2 way contracts, given that the vast majority of ELCs are exactly that.  That said, all coverage I've seen has reported Cleary's as a 1 way deal.