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In Topic: About the 3rd Rd. Pick compensation...

21 May 2015 - 05:56 AM

Evidently it's three 3rd round picks:





No, it's not.




Because the Maple Leafs signed Babcock prior to the June 30 expiration of his contract, the Wings will be compensated a third-round draft pick once within the next three years, at Toronto's choosing.

In Topic: Franzen on IR

09 March 2015 - 08:18 PM


Oh, did you voice concern for Z's career when that happened?


I think you took "There's so many posters here who wish his RW career would end by any many means necessary." a little too personally


Thank you for providing me what I'm sure will be the biggest laugh I had all week.  I'll leave you now to argue with others.

In Topic: Franzen on IR

09 March 2015 - 07:23 PM


Thanks for the link


So do you think Zetterberg's career will end because of chronic back issues? The same issue has forced plenty other players to call it quits.


I find it laughable because it's Franzen. There's so many posters here who wish his RW career would end by any many means necessary.


Media: Franzen has injury

LGW: Franzen gone forever!


Media: Other Red Wing has injury

LGW: Hope he gets better quick


Fact is none of us know how bad the injury is, it was originally reported as whiplash. Yet people draw the conclusion that his career is probably over :lol:


I'm sure Datsyuk will jet for Russia, and Babs to Toronto too. Just more conclusions with no backing.


Jump to conclusions much yourself?  Just reading the tea leaves here with Franzen, not wishing a career ending injury on anyone.  But since you asked, yes I think there are still concerns with Hank's long-term durability based on his past back issues & on top of that, given that he was just more than likely concussed with a gloved punch to the face, I also have concerns there too.  In your mind, does that also mean that I'm hoping that Hank's career gets cut short too "by any means necessary"?  Just both patterns of injury there to be concerned about, more so in Franzen's case given the circumstances.  

In Topic: Franzen on IR

09 March 2015 - 06:46 PM


My point was that the entire "career is over" discussion based on absolutely nothing and was pure speculation on his injury.


The conclusions jumped to were, and are, laughable.


Zetterberg get injured and everyone is simply sad to see him out. Franzen gets injured and we begin discussing how his career is probably over. Priceless lol


You suggested he retire.



Last report I saw said he's had 10 concussions in his career. That's a ton. He probably should retire, but it's his call. It also said he might be skating but he's a long way from playing and still has frequent head aches.


That's at least 10 concussions in his career & that number comes directly from the Red Wing's own official web site. http://redwings.nhl....s.htm?id=756952


So yeah, it may be speculation that his career might be cut short because of it but based on his past history, science behind repeat concussions, & the effects that have been seen in other athletes, it certainly isn't wild or "laughable" speculation.  Really at this point the question shouldn't be "Will Franzen's career be cut short?" it should  be "By how much will Franzen's career be cut short?".




Based on what? Your expert medical opinion and intimate knowledge of Franzen's injury(s)? The same knowledge/opinion that proclaimed that "he very well could finish his career on IR"?


Glad to him at practice after that career ending injury :lol:

Link?  See above...

In Topic: Will Wings Revisit Signing Phaneuf?

06 March 2015 - 10:50 PM

You can retain up to 50% cap hit on 2 or 3 contracts. The dollar amount is irrelevant.


It's actually up to 50% of 3 contracts at a time & the total dollar amount can't exceed 15%, or $10.35m this season, of the upper cap limit so overall dollar amounts are very much relevant.


Source: Section C on page 272 of the CBA  http://www.nhl.com/n...PA_2013_CBA.pdf