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FSD Replay (rant)

12 January 2016 - 03:46 PM

Like many of us, every now and then I miss a live Wings game and have to catch the FSD replay the next day.  While I appreciate being able to watch the replay, this year they are heavily editing the games replays "for time".


They allot 2 hours for the replay.  If you take out the 7-15 minutes of pregame chit chat, and both 17 minute intermissions, you should be able to fit it within the allotted time with little to no edits.


I don't know if they have a new head of programming this year who has no common sense, or what.  But instead of doing the obvious, as I listed above, and editing out the pregame chat and starting the game on the hour, instead they are showing the pregame chit chat and opting to edit out a 10 minute or so chunk of the game instead.


And what is more annoying is that even though they edit out a chunk of the game, they still show the commercials from the block they chopped out.  So this past game, they go to commercial and are about to come back and run the "this game has been edited for time, we now return to the game in action" message, but go right back to another 2 minute chunk of commercials, so like 4 minutes straight of commercials!


As far as the edit itself, you'd think they might take a couple minutes out here or there where there is little action.  Wrong.  They just edit out a solid 8-10 minute chunk of the game.  Last game they went to commercial 16 minutes into the first and came back 5 minutes into the second.  Wtf?


Sorry, just had to get that off my chest.  The edits on the replays this year are annoying considering they can make time by editing out the pregame chat instead.  And previous years they did just that.