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    1. tanking didn't work 2. This is only the first year of "mediocrity" so why don't you settle down
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    Troy McClure

    Without Me Goal Horn

    Is that where you "rip it hardcore like porno flick *******"?
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    The 91 of Ryans

    Without Me Goal Horn

    I was just throwing F.Michael a bone cuz I like him. lol @ U and loser account#whatever here ready to pounce sounding like Mitch McConnel "get off my lawn with yer rap msic!!"
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    Troy McClure

    Without Me Goal Horn

    Ah yes. The rap group that frequently uses homophobic and anti-female language, liked by our local virture signaling supposed libtard. Wanna explain yourself @The 91 of Ryans?
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    Melrose? They definitely need a tougher coach. And some players who play with emotion. There's too many androgynous robots on this team. No fire. No passion. No personality. No leadership. The fans root for the logo in the front but that doesn't mean we don't have players we want to root for.
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    Team won't make the playoff till they get a coach with some hair............
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    I was thinking the same thing. Had no idea he was preggers till he had to leave the Sweden trip. He needs to go live in the garage and make wife raise the brat on her own while he gets some rest. Better yet, her and the kid should go live in the garage. Coaching is the weakest spot on this team IMO. >Husso sucks Keeps playing him while Lyon sits >PP is awesome Completely change it so its no longer awesome >Walman-Seider slumping Refuse to change this >demand to trade for Petry He sucks and is often scratched >team is wildy inconsistent They dont call him LOLande for nothing
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