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  1. What's happened to Larkin, man he reeks nowadays. Invisible!! When's the last time he scored,had a breakaway or any chance??? Brutal!
  2. Need to win this in reg! Must must win... this Isles team is so bad how the heck can we not beat these guys! 3-2 win come on!! And that's the game damn!
  3. Seriously you're rebuttal is laughable.
  4. I think you should revisit the standings and check Florida... they too fall in the 99%
  5. Can Mrazek keep a 4-1 lead... we shall see
  6. Hehehe you think? What a goal sheahan and ott!
  7. SO wins mean nothing for us... we need reg wins, he blew it as usual, clown
  8. Wait for it he'll still blow this game no way he can hang on.
  9. Yes but they have one of the best goalies that's all you need nowadays and we have the worst goaltending in the league. Give us Ben bishop with our crappy defense and we would not be in the situation.
  10. In the last month : isles go 8-1-2 blues go 3-0 boston goes 4-0 You're right that's 100%
  11. Exactly unbelievable! How Holland is so loyal to this guy is just nuts! First place and fires coach... doesn't everyone see it doesn't matter who you replace coach with 99% of time it works!! Teams win cups instantly same year even being out of spots by making the move. Not making playoffs is such a s***ty feeling!
  12. what another blow... man cannot catch a break!! CBJ really? Team sucks ass... all they have is a goalie mind you that's all you need nowadays. We have the worst and other teams have the best goalies.
  13. And Vanek is done for the year and can't even get anything for him. Nice! What a season... only matter of time before petr "3" gives up another one
  14. We need to trade for Bishop I'm telling you guys! Stevie needs to do us a favour and get rid of all these garbage goalies we have! Bishop will stand on his head every night with our horrible defense. That's all we need.. we can even win with Blashill as coach if we get Big Ben!
  15. I cannot stand DK and Mrazek man o man I want them gone so bad!!!!