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  1. Number19

    Oh Captain, No Captain?

    Z returning confirmed
  2. How about buyout Neilson and sign Datsyuk to a one year deal as our third line center.
  3. Number19

    10/28 GDT - Red Wings at Panthers - 7:00 PM EST

    I mean we're pretty bad. Out of the whole NHL there's only 8 teams underneath us in points and all but 2 of them have played less games (some as much as 3). It's hard for a lot of separation with loser points. The Coyotes have managed to defy the odds with their legendary performance.
  4. Sergei, Pavel, Hank for me. I love Ozzie but he wasn't consistent enough. It would have worked wonders for his legacy if we won in 2009 and he captured the Conn Smythe.
  5. It really shouldn't come down to points even if it's the least important criteria. Was Gainey ever a point producer?
  6. Absolutely amazing what Z has done these last 20 games or so after all the injuries and last year looking like an old worn down version of himself. This guy is playing his best hockey while the streak is ending and the talent around him is depleted. He's being a captain by not packing it in and giving up imo. Mickey talked about preserving the winning culture last night and I think Z is doing his best to do just that. It's important for the young guys to see that effort even if us fans would like to see them get a better draft position. I'd be pretty cool if he managed to hit the 70 point mark by the end of the season. Silver linings and all.
  7. Number19

    Video Highlights of Older Wings Game

    That line-up is something else.
  8. Number19

    Datsyuk in 19-20 Season

    Not as a businessman but as a fan I didn't give two s***s about him "bailing" on us. For years I watched him many a night being the only player on the ice that seemed to care, and even when everyone cared he cared the most. I still recall his shifts at the end of Game 7 vs the Sharks when we were trying to complete that miraculous 0-3 comeback. The guys ankle is basically Stevie's knee now. It's not like he left with gas in the tank, he gave us his best years. It says more about the rest of the team that he'd still be our best player. It's a new NHL where contracts are thrown around like hotcakes.
  9. Players more deserving.. Z, Mantha, Vanek, Green, Howard. I haven't really watched the AS game since the 05 lockout. It's not exciting if the best players aren't playing.
  10. Number19

    Does this week define this team's chances?

    You never really notice how bad the NHL point system is until you're a terrible team and can fully appreciate the fact that you're still in the hunt after losing more than half your games.
  11. Number19


    I'd scratch Sheahan in favor of a cold mcdouble and some soggy fries.
  12. Number19

    10/30 GDT : Florida Panthers 5, at Red Wings 2

    Sheahan is the worst player on this team.
  13. Number19

    10/17 GDT : at Red Wings 5, Ottawa Senators 1

    Hard to believe Vanek had 12 min of ice time. Miller had more. Glenny had 2nd most on the team.
  14. Sergei had the talent to be one. Maybe not the mental. It is kind of a mystery as to why his super elite dominance fell off mid 20s. Lack of focus in the regular season I guess. It always came back for the playoffs though.
  15. Number19

    Lindros, Makarov, Vachon, Quinn going to the Hall

    Not a lot of names for casual fans but purists know this a very solid and respectable list (Makarov should have been in years ago). Hopefully next year Kariya gets in with Selanne. Selanne Kariya Recchi Fleury/Alfredsson Year of the wingers?