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  1. I think the Preds can take this. Sens are a lesser team on both sides of the puck in my eyes even with the Preds injuries and still took them almost through 8 games of hockey.
  2. I met him a few months ago. The guy was incredibly nice!
  3. Hopefully Ægir provides him safe travels.
  4. If Guentzel was on the Wings he wouldn't be playing like this at all. He'd be Nyquist at best. If you ask me this defense first system the Wings have also destroys any offensive creativity, requiring everyone to be two way players.
  5. Honestly if that wasn't Crosby I don't even see how that's a penalty. How many times has this happened before and there was no injury and you don't even see this?
  6. People would be so pissed if the one year the Wings miss the playoffs they get the #1 pick. I hope it happens haha.
  7. Not sure, but Chicago just traded Darling's negotiating rights to Carolina.
  8. My coworker and I were just talking about this. I feel like in order for the Caps to ever take a series against Pittsburgh, they need a player constantly in Sid's ear, taking him off his game mentally. Philly did that a while back perfectly. Have the guy shadow him his whole shift and don't leave him alone. He's shown this year he still has that little temper of his. You get him in a hissy fit and he starts slashing people he's gonna shut down and spend some time in the box. Until they get that type of player, I don't think they're going to win unfortunately. I hope I'm wrong.
  9. BEAST. What a pick up that was. A small consolation prize after how lame they were to watch after Lucroy and Gomez were traded. But I think it'd be worth it to at least give this guy a shot, if he chooses to sign with the Red Wings. MORE SIZE!!
  10. Parise's contract is even worse. I'll be surprised if he plays that out.
  11. I'd say Jack Skille is definitely a bust for being drafted that high.
  12. That contract is so long...I donno.
  13. As far as coaching goes, look at Hitchcock. I don't even see anything about him even playing high school hockey. Great coach. Maybe someday...
  14. Send all current and former SwedeWings at him immediately.
  15. I put yes because I'd love to see all the Hawks "fans" here in MN flip out.