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  1. As long as we don't grab another 5'10" 175 lbs forward. Tired of our "goal scorers" being small and easily thrown around.
  2. I donno. Highest pick this team has had in decades, when this team can't score at all, and they trade it? As much as defense is needed I just don't think trading that pick would be a good idea.
  3. I'm hoping Tippett becomes available.
  4. Wild did a moment of silence for him this afternoon as well. Mr. I's photo up on the screen and blacked out everything else. Very understated but I thought it was nice.
  5. Cossetta's? I've yet to eat there but I've heard great things. I don't get over to St. Paul much unless it's hockey related.
  6. No, he was in plain clothes. No Red Wings or even Wild. I didn't know Vanek was out today until gametime and made and audible response about it which struck up a conversation with the guy. He looked to be with 2 other people. Really nice. Said he also tried to go see Grabner for a series of games last year but he was traded right when he got to the states. Some bad luck.
  7. Was at that game and just got home. All I can say is what the hell?? I have no words for a guy that can look right at someone and jab them in the face with their stick. Coreau looked awful. Mantha, Z, AA, and Larkin stuck out to me. D is horrible, that 4th line has to be worst in the league. All I can say is I'm glad I wasn't the guy from Vienna sitting next to me that came to watch Vanek.
  8. Meh. They're a Minnesota team, they'll do what Minnesota teams are destined to do and ruin it.
  9. The look on Petr's face in his post game Made me feel bad for him.
  10. Fixed that for you. Doesn't matter the sport. They're the worst.
  11. He's lucky Jimmy got to him before Bert did.
  12. Did he not? Ovie was drafted in '04 Sid in '05. Or are you saying since the lock-out happened they came in at the same time?
  13. Agreed. Wish they'd quit trying to stifle anyone's offensive ability to mold them into a Selke Trophy player. Adjust the system to the players you have and let Larkin be himself. Seems to be working ok for Mantha.
  14. Well considering I like watching Carlson and Ovie, and a lot of my friends are Wild fans, yes I would.
  15. A lock out of the rest of the season. Those two teams and Bettman's love for them makes me puke.