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  1. Just figured I'd drop in, puke, then leave. Interestingly, they picked up Prince of Wales trophy again. Either it will curse them and they'll lose in the finals, or maybe cure teams of the superstition that they can't touch the conference trophy, so there's something positive either way. I hate that teams can't celebrate a major accomplishment.
  2. An entire Hawks series with no "Chelsea Dagger". Wow!
  3. Did they just refer to Nashville as a "Hockeytown"?
  4. A user called "BK" on the Blackhawks GDT on HFBoards used the word "Kronwall" to describe that hit. I was proud.
  5. Sheahan's first goal (in about a year!): https://streamable.com/37vxf
  6. Well, Konstantinov made it, but I was wondering that too.
  7. If only there were some sort of ... I don't know ... Khaleesi of butt pats that could take care of that sort of thing ... hmmmmm.
  8. The guys on the PA system are having a ball! SOUTH DETROIT! edit: No Journey?
  9. This is NOT a drill, Sheahan has TWO goals!