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  1. Official 2018 Off Season *Rebuild* Thread

    Devils, Wild, Kings and Rangers those teams aren't cup contenders only possibly Leafs, Preds, Sharks, Vegas and possibly Bruins right now the Kings, Rangers and Wild aren't all that much better then Detroit in reality Detroit has no business pursuing Kovy any ways he just fills seats.
  2. Official 2018 Off Season *Rebuild* Thread

    Pretty much what Holland said, That this rebuild would be on the fly. Yes Yes. Yeah and rumor has it that Kovalchuk wants 3 x $6M per how many cup contenders can afford that. Seeing that most are up against the cap now.
  3. Rumors Thread

    Yeah now that would be my dream defense Yep we already know that Holland is only offering Greener a 1 or 2 year deal, Not committing long term with him. Which is fine need to start bringing the kids up any ways.
  4. Rumors Thread

    That would work too, As long as Green doesn't get more then a 1-2 year deal, I'm all for it.
  5. Rumors Thread

    Yep saw that too, Hopefully Green decides to go elsewhere. Would rather give Hronek the chance to make the big club this fall.
  6. Trading the Beard

    Zetterberg said he wants to stay in Detroit, And Holland is on record saying that he isn't dealing him.
  7. Official 2018 Off Season *Rebuild* Thread

    Larkin will get more term and money probably 8 years $52 million or $6.5 million per AAV. AA probably gets 2 years $6 million both Bertuzzi and Frk get 2 years Mantha 2 or 3 years probably in the $4.5 million per range.
  8. Rumors Thread

    I know right and Wisniewski is a Detroit kid from Canton next to where i grew up in Westland, Yet didn't want to play for Detroit either. Must say a lot about where this organization is heading.
  9. Boqvist

    Not the least bit interested in Adam Boqvist, That concussion already concerns me. I'd much rather have either Evan Bouchard or Noah Dobson. Preferably Noah Dobson he's the complete package.
  10. Official 2018 Off Season *Rebuild* Thread

    Absolutely Carter Hutton come on down.
  11. Should The Wings Re-Sign Mike Green?

    I said no but it sounds like Holland wants to resign Green and it's looking like Green wants to resign back with Detroit. And it sounds like he wont be willing to take much of a pay cut either. So look for Holland to give Mike Green 3 years $16.5 million or a $5.5 million per AAV.
  12. I believe that Detroit, Buffalo, Minnesota, Colorado and New York Rangers were the 5 finalist on his list. And TSN just said that Buffalo is out and he wont sign with no Canadian team for what it's worth. From what i read Holland is making a major pitch for Brickley, Sounds like he's promising him some big minutes here. Might be the reason why he's not calling anyone up for Green yet.
  13. Michael Rasmussen

    Yup 4 Goals 3 Assists for 7 Points in 2 games for Razzy. Hope he keeps that pace up the kid is going to be a good one here in the near future.
  14. Michael Rasmussen

    First playoff game for Michael Rasmussen and the Tri-City Americans and Rasmussen with 2 goals and 1 assist for 3 points go Rasmussen light it up there.
  15. Green to undergo Cervical Spine Surgery...

    I'm assuming it'll be Joe Hicketts Blashill is pretty high on him. If Holland brings up Lashoff then he needs to go bye bye. Pretty much my thinking as well. Yeah i think it will be Joe Hicketts, Though i wouldn't mind Filip Hronek just doubt Holland takes him out of GR for only 8 games though.