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  1. I did read your post and your condescending attitude aside you didn't, make those points until this post. Sorry bro I can't read your mind.
  2. So are we just not replacing those players or do their replacements intend to play for free... their contracts come off the booKS but someone's gotta fill those skates.
  3. That's a legitimate concern, with the way Holland over pays in both dollars and term for infinitely replaceable players. Helm, Glendening, Ericsson, Howard and the like. All decent NHLERS who are over signed, the thought being they would or will turn out to ge bargins a year or two into the deal, hasn't happened yet and likely won't.
  4. As I read this the two names that came to mind were AA and Mantha.
  5. Watching the world cup, man I wish we had a guy like that Tatar..... oh wait... we do he's just misused by our coaching staff.
  6. Interesting question isn't it... assuming the Wings were interested in Trouba and had the assets to trade for him, our cap situation makes keeping him or anyone else difficult. With a number of over commitments to replaceable players like Big E, Helm, Howard, etc. Holland's cap and roster management skills are questionable, is Helm really a core player? I ask because we've committed to him as though he is.
  7. He wasn't a top guy, he was our top guy... these are two very different things.
  8. This is where we disagree, I see Larkin as a very good player... maybe OUR best center. BUT not a top center in the league. Much the way Kronwall is our #1D but isn't a true #1D, and as time passes he may not even be a true #2D at this point.
  9. Larkin is a better version of players we already have fast, smallish, skilled. Mantha has a skillset our is lacking... size and natural scoring ability. I would trade Larkin for a clear #1 or soon to be #1 D. But I'd want a sweetener thrown in. I don't hate Americans but if I have two players of more or less equal quality I'll take the Canadian every day of the week.
  10. Manta is exactly the type of player this team needs. A big bodied, canadian power forward. I'd overpay with Larkin and get a pick/prospect to even it out from WPG in a deal for Trouba. That said I'd rather get Tyson Barrie... but that's unlikely.
  11. I understand Windsor is in Canada. Notice how I acknowledged that in my original post... he does however play for the US internationally... likely in part because he couldn't come close to making a Canadian squad and has dual citizenship. And yes Michigan connections, either being from or playing college in Michigan has been a factor for players signing with the wings.
  12. What I think we need and what we can get are two totally different things. As far as Holland is concerned... his love of past their prime longtime/former wings is legendary.
  13. Fowler (born in Windsor, I know) would be a mistake.... the Wings should be targeting a high end Canadian defenceman. This team needs an elite Canadian or two. In recent years their has been far too much focus on Michigan connections when looking at/signing players.
  14. You're assuming.... 1. That the wings would have drafted Mike Green. 2. That he would have developed in the same way in our system, which is unikely since he would likely not have made the NHL as early as he did in Washington.