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  1. Easy now..... Peter Mansbridge is a national treasure. The Homers that do the Bruins games on NESN make my ears bleed... Edwards and someone.
  2. Edmonton also plopped each of their top picks directly into the NHL. I get frustrated with how overly cautious the Wings are with young players but the old Edmonton way setback some of their best assets by years.... in the case of Yakopov it may have ruined the kid entirely.
  3. Is that the best you can do Branch, maybe your TROLL skills are fading.
  4. No you're Branch... through and through.
  5. Move on Branch.
  6. Thanks for proving my point (again) Branch.
  7. You're the most dogged Troll I've ever seen.
  8. Assuming Team USA, wants an American coach... the options are slim. Most likely they want an NHL coach, familiar with many of the likely players. The coach's team must be out of the playoffs. AND The coach just want to take on the job... what other options out there fit the first 3 criteria... off the top, Bylsma, Hynes, Rowe
  9. It sounds like someone's stopped believin'
  10. Am I remembering correctly that the draft lottery for teams that miss the playoffs happens before round #1? It seems to me that's how I remember it from last season but I wasn't playing close attention since we weren't in line for a top pick.
  11. Do you ever stop being an argumentative ass... or is that your default setting.
  12. What's maybe even more of a concern is that this late season "run" may not only hurt our draft position... but might be enough to keep Blashill on the bench next season.
  13. It's in the water. Duh. We'd better slow our roll on the wins or our pick may not be as high as we all want it to be.
  14. Generally speaking... rugged players from the west. I've not changed my argument.... heart and will to win are paramount... I did mention other factors such as culture and environment (within which rink size can be inferred, which you did and went on to say I didn't mention explicitly...) DK is making 750k less than Dougie Hamilton. Having looked that up on capfriendly reminded me how many average or mediocre players we have locked up to term and dollars. Not unique to the Michigan linked players but no discount either.... which is the point I've been making had you been following along and not arguing for the fun of it.
  15. It's a message board not a memoir... I don't type everything that enters my mind while I'm posting. If you want to frame your agreeing with me as some sort of win by insisting you told me why I was right then have at it... I didn't say place of birth was a predictor of skill. You said that and projected it falsely on my position. I've gone out of my way since the beginning to indicate I would take a Canadian player of relatively equal skill over another player from _________. I did forget and it wasn't worth the effort going back on my phone to look. When I could simply comment again on that aspect of the post which you consistently don't acknowledge. Which, I assume, for an argumentative individual like yourself must mean that you tacitly agree but want to argue about language and other peripheral nonessentials rather than acknowledge the core point. We have players on this team massively overpaid in dollars and term with those Michigan connections which means no real hometown discount. It's a factor not the only one, I'm not worried about NHL players jobs. They make gobs of money to play a game... they don't need defending.