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  1. Kind of funny Vanek and AA were my favorite two Wings to watch last year. They could care less about getting AA done quickly and Vanek likely won't be signed.
  2. Yeah, great didn't see this coming.
  3. I still think $5-$6 Mill for Tatar is ridiculous. Giving out bad contracts because trades are difficult is just horrible management both from a personnel and cap perspective. We really need a direction and a game plan for the team as a whole, every decision seems to be made in a vacuum with no coherency. Question to those with knowledge. If the arbitrator finds Tatar is worth something stupid like $6Million do the Wings have any options left? Or can they trade him at that point? Guess I need and education in arbitration.
  4. If your really going to fix it you could have said hopefully Holland trades Nyquist/Tatar and signs Vanek.
  5. Hopefully Tatar gets his one year deal and we can flip him at the deadline.
  6. Hoping we trade Tatar and sign Vanek to a short term deal. Love watching him play and save money for some big names needing money in the out years.
  7. We continue to lock up players that aren't special and gripe about having no cap room. Start saving the space for Mantha Larkin and others who matter and let the bad deals end if Hollands never going to make a trade.
  8. Funny thing is that he is average mediocre talent...he'll fit right in with the rest of them 5, 7 years who cares.
  9. Can't imagine Tatar for $5Mill per lol. That's the kind of crap that continues to hamstring us financially. Sign production for a year or two (Vanek) and work Bertuzzi and Svechnikov into the rotation. Holland has needed to make some transition trades for years and Tatar is a prime example.
  10. I'd rather see Tatar and Nyquist traded and sign Vanek, he was more fun to watch.
  11. Yeah, great.
  12. I guess I'm the only one who watched the 2015 preseason when the Wings management was debating sending him down before he made the final cut. Justin Schultz, Doug Hamilton, Seth Jones I mean the list of young defensemen traded is not small, and there are no end of threads with people pining for defensive talent that comes available not sure what you want. If you are happy with Holland and our team that's cool, stop acting like anyone wanting change is whining or is clueless. My solution is simple, get rid of Holland and stop signing average talent to long term overpriced deals.
  13. I don't care how old Larkin was the point is the supposed "experts" the "professionals" struggled on if he should make the roster...really? My point with AA was he has been ready, is ready and the nights he was a healthy scratch in place of guys like Sheahan is a joke. When you struggle to make easy calls it puts everything you do as an organization under greater scrutiny. Its been 5 years since Nick left our team and in that time we still don't skate a defenseman in the top 50 talent wise in the NHL. We as a group fight over Mrazek/Howard when in fact neither one is worth a damn, and I continually see Defensemen on the trade block while we sit hamstrung by the incompetent contracts the "experts" hand out. I'm sure we'll continue down this path and sign Tatar to a long term obnoxious deal when we should be trading him as well.
  14. They had a real struggle wondering if Larkin should make the team and sat AA because he hadn't earned playing time. I'm a know nothing fan and struggle to catch every other game and even I can laugh at their decisions. We've needed a big trade for years and never happens, if you're happy congrats, enjoy mediocrity.
  15. Never understood the "they are professionals, what do you know as a fan" mentality. Sometimes these guys get so buried in the details they never see the big picture as a fan does. I get there is a process and these kids need to mature where they can spend minutes on the ice growing but the Wings and Holland are in a rut where its groundhog day every year and this great franchise seems complacent with the whole dance. Sometimes a change is a good thing and we have needed one for some time now. New perspective, new views and a fresh start, maybe make a trade or two.