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  1. Trouba, Trouba, Trouba...who will everyone dream about now? The off-season is ruined.
  2. I hope Trouba and AA both sign long term contracts. Every thread has some game plan to rid the team of AA and somehow trade for Trouba.
  3. If Yzerman is going after Trouba he needs to just do it. If he’s on the block there’s no telling who grabs him and what extension they sign him to. If he doesn’t matter then play the waiting game and see if he becomes a free agent.
  4. MileHighWingsGuy

    Mantha Blossoming

    Maybe we can get top-pair defenseman through other means than trading away one of the guys who can actually put the puck in the net. I respect and enjoy a lot of the analysis and posts you guys have but the last two years has been trying as an AA fan.
  5. MileHighWingsGuy

    Mantha Blossoming

    So much trash on our squad and all every thread is filled with is trading AA for a defenseman. A Mantha thread only took 5 posts in to propose getting rid of our 30 goal scorer. I'm glad Yzerman is at the helm.
  6. MileHighWingsGuy

    Report: Detroit to name Steve Yzerman as GM

    You people are pathetic. Thank God Holland’s gone and Stevie Y is in place.
  7. MileHighWingsGuy

    Holland set to become GM of Oilers

    Best news I've heard today. See ya!
  8. MileHighWingsGuy

    Report: Detroit to name Steve Yzerman as GM

    Wearing my Yzerman jersey to work today. I've waited for this day for years...Holland gone Stevie Y in...perfect.
  9. How is it they just come out with the cards? Seems a bit shady that their biggest market teams are getting the top 3 picks. Blah depressing.
  10. MileHighWingsGuy


    Exactly why we need Stevie Y in the worst way. Tired of the overpaid wing for life nonsense. Perform or cut bait.
  11. MileHighWingsGuy

    4/2 Genosid Route GDT - Penguins @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM ET

    Dumb question but I gotta ask we finish in the 6-8 spot after the lottery. We have what 3 second rounders? Has there ever been a package to deal to secure the #1 overall? We seem to have a lot of talented guys but really need another huge talent to match with some of these guys.
  12. Beautiful game. It’s been real fun the last couple weeks watching the kids. Can’t believe the whiny little bitching going on after watching that gem.
  13. MileHighWingsGuy

    Trash removal delayed 2 years

    I find this recent streak due more to the young kids replacing old stagnant overpaid veterans vice anything Blashill may or may not be doing. I don't really care for Blashill but I'm more interested what our roster looks like next year. Less of Helm, Albdelkader, Nielsen, Vanek, Ericsson and more Zadina, Bertuzzi etc.. If they want to extend Blashill have at it I guess.
  14. What a fun game!! I'd love one more high octane player but can't be upset after watching that game this evening. Mantha, AA, Larkin and Hirose flashed the future this evening and they deserved the win.