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  1. MileHighWingsGuy

    Larkin Next?

    Team can't score goals and we trade a 30 goal scorer. You want true addition get rid of the idiot warming the bench in the coach's role. Its an embarrassment he's still got his job and worse that we debate whether he will still be here next year. Now back to the tank...
  2. MileHighWingsGuy

    Larkin Next?

    At what point do we fire the idiot behind the bench? Stop trading our talent, stop complaining about good young guys and get a staff to grow them. AA is gone, now we're onto Larkin and talking trash about him, good Lord this season has sucked!!
  3. MileHighWingsGuy

    Larkin Next?

    Was it the flawless backchecking that saved the other 3 goals? Wonder what 30 goal scorer Blashill will find to hide on the 3rd line now...huge void.
  4. MileHighWingsGuy

    Larkin Next?

    Well we traded AA might as well trade Larkin and maybe you can field a team of non-scoring back checkers that you all can drool over and save the rest of us time tuning in.
  5. MileHighWingsGuy

    AA traded to oilers

    Kind of funny any member of this squad would talk trash about AA, like anyone had room to judge him. Everyone got their wish...all anyone could dream of the last two years was trading AA, well it’s happened boy this team sure will be fun to watch with him gone bet scoring and defense both improve!! Idiots. Hope he tears it up.
  6. AA is one of the only things worth watching on this team, has been for a couple years. Hope Stevie doesn't pull the trigger if the return isn't right.
  7. MileHighWingsGuy

    2020 Trade Deadline Thread (aka Veleno vs Rasmussen vs Fabbri vs Zadina)

    Live in Denver and will come back real fast...
  8. Part of managements problem was holding on to Howard as a goalie. He's been done for a few years with no trade value. He was average at best when he was on top of his game. Playing Jimmy this year can be viewed as nothing more than a major push in the tankathon.
  9. Do they not have anyone worth a damn they could call up for experience if nothing less? This is embarrassing.
  10. Jimmy just standing there watching the game as the puck flies by him.
  11. MileHighWingsGuy

    2/15 Satinee GDT - Red Wings @ Bruins - 1:00 PM ET (NHLN)

    Top to bottom those lines are just pathetic. Yzerman has his work cut out with this mess.
  12. MileHighWingsGuy

    Howard = Average

    All signs point to no
  13. MileHighWingsGuy

    11/27 Thanksshivving GDT - Maple Leafs @ Red Wings - 7:00 PM ET

    Blashill is calling people in the building searching for a new backup so someone gets s chance I guess. Last seen Helm was headed back to the changing room....
  14. MileHighWingsGuy

    11/27 Thanksshivving GDT - Maple Leafs @ Red Wings - 7:00 PM ET

    Howard's in fine form with this defense again I see...
  15. MileHighWingsGuy

    11/8 The Fabbri Era GDT - Bruins @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM ET (NHLN)

    Really like the fact Yzerman is beginning to slowly make changes to this team. Excited to see this team take shape.