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  1. Along with Abdelkader (that guy should be the designated water boy, but he'd find a way to f*** that up and also get injured).
  2. On a bus trip to Grand Rapids is fine with me. lol. His All Star Game comments rubbed me the wrong way. At that point I realized he should never be captain. We just don't need that type of person being captain. The dude probably his some massive portrait of himself in his house.
  3. And now look. We've become the Atlanta Thrashers. At this point I'm more interested to see how many more New York is going to get. lol Can't wait for the interviews after the game (You know the ones where Larkin says the same thing he has the past 20 games or so).
  4. That was the best no goal announcement ever. lol Thank God though, only need a 5 spot to tie. Too bad regulation doesn't last two weeks for them to be able to do it.
  5. This is just incredibly embarrassing, how can you just let this continue to go on at the rate it is? Blashill has to go. There is hardly any leadership to be found on this team. I really hope they do not plan on making Larkin captain either, he absolutely does not deserve it and has shown that he is entitled and full of himself. It's also too bad so many useless f***s who don't do anything (such as Abdelkader) are going to screw things up so badly for this team's progress for a few more seasons.
  6. I wish they would too. They just really lack any cohesiveness as a team. There's a individual efforts to try to start things, but they always get broken up because they don't rely on their teammates.
  7. Jesus Christ, poor Bernier. The guy has been under fire all game.
  8. The 2nd Period tradition continues. lol
  9. What a huge difference between power play units. Tampa Bay supports each other to create space in the zone, controls the puck responsibly, and gets quality chances. The Wings just seem to be guessing out there.
  10. The offense was way too optimistic last game. Should be a nice easy victory for the Lightning, 5-1 (naturally featuring a pair of goals 15 seconds apart).
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if he does get fired at some point this season. I don't think any coach can really do much with what we have though. Until we shed the Kenny Holland era contracts (such as Abdelkader), all we can do is kick tires.
  12. At least it wasn't a blowout again (excluding the empty net goals). The weak power play and isolated defensive gaffes keep costing Detroit. This team has an Atlanta Thrashers vibe going on with it. lol
  13. aflac9262

    10/12 GDT - Red Wings vs Maple Leafs - 7:00 PM EST

    Pretty much the story of Howard's career - can play decent but always good for the usual stinker that ruins the performance. Hopefully no more bad decisions like that in the 3rd.