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  1. Is my memory correct that Marchenko once said he only wanted to play for Detroit and that's why we were able to draft him in the 7th?
  2. They're sleeping....shhhhh
  3. Good film.
  4. More like the NFL made a mistake by having their season finale the same day as the outdoor game.
  5. I hope there's highlights available for this later.
  6. So circumventing the blackout restrictions is ok? I've used a proxy server before, but it was always a pain and I wasn't sure it was legal. Also every game that was on NBC or NHL network was still blacked out, which is especially a problem during the playoffs. Also, it would be nice to be able to just order Center Ice off my TV without having to jump through hoops.
  7. I don't know how many people this affects, but if you don't have cable it's difficult to watch the games. With more and more people opting out of cable in favor of other TV options, it'd be nice to see the NHL provide a streaming option for Michigan residents. I don't want to spend $100 a month to have cable when the only thing I'd watch is Hockey, I'd gladly pay for Game Center but it's not an option sadly with all the blackouts.
  8. It's also Saturday night, while this doesn't apply to me, people have lives haha.
  9. Out of market is easy because you can use Game Center (except for the absurd number of blackouts for national broadcasts.) Local when you don't have cable has been tough as there is no streaming that doesn't blackout all the games.
  10. ^ I think Weber only gets traded with a #1 defenseman coming back, which we don't have.
  11. I remember though, the biggest complaint from non hockey fans as to why they didn't watch the sport was that they couldn't follow the puck, and remember the biggest TVs back then were like 26",(At least for the average person). They were trying to appeal to a larger audience and I think it was a good idea on paper but was more annoying than helpful in practice.
  12. It has the opposite effect when you do it with a specific outcome in mind. 😀
  13. I think a trade will happen after the season has started and they have an idea of what the team looks like. Hopefully a playoff team will find themselves without a goalie around the trade deadline and Howard can be traded, that's the only scenario where I can see some value coming back.