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  1. Maybe its they can't be sent down to a minor league team then. I honestly can't recall. krsmith will let us know
  2. Is there a rule regarding players who are picked up from waivers that they have to play in a certain number of games/cannot be sent down? I don't know the specific details but there is definitely some stipulation.
  3. It's also a play on dojo which makes me stomach it better than when I first read it and didn't listen to the phonetics of it.
  4. currently leading the lead (and handedly) in goals against and save percentage.
  5. I agree with this 100%, but out of the three of them I think Mantha is the one most physically built to translate his skills to the NHL level. The guy is a behemoth.
  6. yeah that honestly didnt look bad at all.
  7. I gotta say Helm has been earning every penny of that contract so far
  8. Ehhhhh I mean Mrazek made some good saves, but he also let in some stinkers. He needs to be better as well:
  9. Yikes Oulette.
  10. So far this season (and much of last year as well) the Wings have really struggled with pressure. Like horribly bad. vanek has been making his presence felt
  11. The second half of it at least
  12. Just tuned in. What happened
  13. This looks like Blahsill drew names from a hat. Whatever. I try not to comment on how lines should or should not be because they rarely seem to work in reality how I feel they should work in theory.
  14. I wish there was a stat that measured who has the puck before and after player X does. It would be the ultimate possession metric and I think it would really exploit a lot of flaws in some of our players.
  15. I thought Boyle's goal was weak too