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2009 Round 1 Photoshop War: Columbus Blue Jackets

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Ok, i haven't had time to make a pic yet but i just saw this vid from another thread and it's clear to me that Micheal Moore has betrayed his state of Michigan and the wings, and has become a Blue Jackets fan!


4th group of people, 40 seconds in. What a traitor

Wow, way to interject an incrediblly not funny joke at what would be an otherwise great post.

Video was great, thread is great, the whole "Michael Moore" riff - not so great.

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hey, I used to be an Adam Deadmarsh fan! but now I hate the avs

btw any chance that ozzy would get in another goalie fight vs mason? how sick would that be?

Adam Deadmarsh eh? how is he doing these days? oh yeah

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