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3/5 GDT: Red Wings 4 at Coyotes 5 (SO)

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On the replay I saw the white ice. Still, it's frustrating when Homer gets called if he just farts into the blue paint.

I went absolutely Berzerk when I saw that goal stood, because of what you just said. Players breathe on a goalie and they call goals back, but that was so obvious that the player deliberately stood his ground and did not allow Howard to get over to make a stop. It was out in white area and I understand the rule, but it was just infuriating, because far less has been called back.

I hate the league refs. No wonder nobody watches the NHL. Average hockey fan out there would have seen that and said "how is that goal alloweD?"

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It's just so frustrating because the letter of the rule seems to be chronically ignored by the refs. Is it so wrong to want consistent fair officiating (as opposed to consistently crappy officiating)

It's done, gotta put it behind us and bear down for the second. Game on. Hopefully the boys have a mad-on.

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Is it just me, or does kronwall miss the net more than anyone else on the team?

Not really. Drapes seems to miss a lot more.

well if that was homer they woulda called that back for sure

Since all of our goals always seem to be called back and none of the opposition's are (foregoing which one should or shouldn't be, speaking strictly in terms of the penalties/goals disallowed evening out), should we just have Homer rush to the front of the net in situations where our team thinks it should be goalie interference on the opposition, and rather than the refs going by the rules, they'll just see that Homer was at the front of the net (regardless if it is his own) and think, "Rule No 1: T. Holmstrom in front of the net = disallowed goal" and say, "NO GOAL!" :P

Howard needs to stop whining to the ref.

Carey Price would have made that save, even with a guy on top of him.

Not going to say it but we know who you are channeling right now. Maybe Jimmy should drop the gloves or something.

I was going to say, when are you finally going to give up the ruse and change your name back to Mindfly? ;)

And way to go, Franzen!

"And God sayeth to the Mule, 'Let the floodgates open!'"

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I think the Wings were playing fine up until that terrible Phoenix goal that should not have been a goal according to all the Wings goals that get called off... imo the officiating has kinda taken the wings off of their game with that noncall and all these stupid holding calls they kept giving the wings... hopefully they can get going here

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