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2011 Round 2 Photoshop War: San Jose Sharks

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You gotta love the "Wings are too old" jokes. Ten years of it and 2 Stanley Cups later, they keep on comin'.

I love it that someone took a "Wings are too rested rusted" joke as a "Wings are too old" joke!

It wasn't a joke about age, but too much time off between rounds - i.e., out of playoff intensity mode. That was my biggest concern last year after the Sharks eliminated the Wings in 5, and then had to wait around for all the other series to finish. Chicago took longer, eliminating Vancouver in 6 fairly grueling games. A lot of Sharks fans were happy that the Sharks were "well rested", but I wasn't happy at all with all that time off. I know it only takes a few days for rust to set in, and a team to lose its playoff intensity. The Hawks weren't beat up. They had solid playoff mode momentum going into the WCF, and had no problem sweeping the "well rested" Sharks 4-0. This year they don't get that much time off, and I'm glad!

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I should go and find the Sharkbusters one from last year. I thought that one was clever.

Okay, I went back and it's not there. Maybe it's a couple years old. But can anyone with some creative skills (and more knowledge of Photoshop than I have) resurrect this one? It was so cool...Adam and Jamie replaced with Pasha and Henrik.

Thank you in advance.

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