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ASG Draft

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Since the ASG draft is tonight, I figured we could start discussing it since there is nothing else hockey related going on. Rosen and Lozo conducted a mock draft for the ASG on NHL.com, I was surprised to see Datsyuk only go 5th overall. Malkin, Kessel, Weber, and Giroux all went ahead of Pavs. I can possibly understand why Malkin went first (although I don't agree with it), and even possibly Weber since he's D, but I don't understand the rest. I also find it humorous Kessel went last overall in the previous year and went 2nd overall since he's having a good season. I'll be interested to see how this goes for real tonight.


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Datsyuk stated in an interview (forget where I heard it)... I think FSN that he would like to be picked last. He wants the free car. He cracks me up.

I heard this on TSN and it cracked me up too ... so Datsyukian :D

Actually, the worst spot to be chosen is 2nd last, you are at the bottom of the totem pole AND you were just one pick away from a free car :P

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