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WCQF Game Three GDT : Predators 3 at Red Wings 2

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What do you know? We DID get screwed. Just saw this on Twitter.


If we have to rely on that goal to win, I don't think we deserve to. If we keep playing the way we were at the end of the 2nd, we will find a way to tie it up.

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What a weak-ass ******* call.

I remember when this happened I actually started to be scared. Frightened at what the refs were calling and not calling. This does not bode well. I'm speaking about pro hockey in general.

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I am highly pissed off at the redwings. With the exception since Datsyuk got the goal, WHY DO WE NEED THAT GOAL TO WAKE THE f*** UP? Stupid penalty a minute in, then CLEARLY the preds controlled the play. Why are we bowing down to that ******* team?

Holland better address the defense and the speed problems on this team because we are getting killed by their speed. IT's so ******* irritating.

And why do we continuously skate along the boards? DRIVE THE NET! Stop passing it back HUDLER, and drive the ******* net or shoot the ******* puck.

I'm highly worked up. This is so frustrating.

we only needed a tenth of a second more to tie the game. We really need to tie it on this power play here. And we need to start being rougher.

WIth that all said, the refs are the worst in the world. I don't buy the "well they are NHL refs and NHL refs are the best in the world". They don't do their job. Preds pushed one of our guys down from behind, no call, but we do it and we get called. IT's a ******* disgrace.

The refing seems to only get worse every year, not better, and not more consistent. PATHETIC.

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