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WCQF Game 5 GDT : Red Wings 1 at Predators 2

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It's been a privilege to watch him play all these years. We've been incredibly lucky as fans to have some of the players we've had, and I hope as disappointed as Nick no doubt will be, he understands how much the fans appreciate him and what he's done for us.

I'm sure he does. The guy is the quintessential class act. Hopefully this isn't his last, he deserves to go out better than this.

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Thank you Lids.

If this is your last game in a Wings jersey, thank you for making literally 2/3rds of my life enjoyable from October to May almost every single year. An epitome of physical and mental clarity and consistency. If you do go, you will be greatly missed on the ice and in the locker room.


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Well, thanks for the season guys and girls.

Gonna go punch a hole in the wall now, can't bear to say more about this performance before I've calmed down. Thanks Nick, I hope you come back but I won't blame you if you don't seeing how this season went.

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