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2/19 GDT : Red Wings 3 at Predators 4 (OT)

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I think Babcock like to prove his authority to players...maybe Tatar said somethin on the bench and Babcock feels the need to show players who is in charge....fire him now.

Maybe he said it's about time Cleary got his 2nd goal of the season, cause Tatar got his in 1/3 of the games it took Cleary

Or Maybe it's the 8 minutes of pk time the wings have

After the PK you usually see the fresh young guys come out for an energy shift. didn't happen.

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Speaking of Camera angles...I sure hate the main camera being 900 miles away from the ice surface! The Joe's vantage point is far superior to all these newer arenas! I do not look forward to the new arena and it's crappy camera setups....

Clearly the camera crews have no idea how to use the zoom function.

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Get Tatar with Datsyuk. What is Babcock doing? Stack the top line if you are going to waste Datsyuk with those two.

For real.

Why can we never come back from being down in a game?? You can just tell we'll lose this one 3- or 4-1.

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